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64 Channel charge sensitive preamplifier


  • 64-channel
  • Max. output voltage: +/- 4,5V Diff on 100 ohm termination
  • Sensitivities: 20, 45, 90, 200, 400mV / MeV
  • Dimension (mm): 180 x 105 X 25 mm
  • Input bias voltage (± 400 V Max) (2 LEMO 00 connector);
  • ESD input protection
  • TEST pulse input (1 LEMO 00)
  • Low power consumption (< 50 mW for ch.)
  • True Differential output (with 100 Ω Diff. back termination)


Ultra high density preamplifier for big size segmented silicon and gas detector arrays

The A1429 is a 64 ch. highly integrated charge preamplifier, suitable for single or double sided multi-strip silicon detectors as well as for multi-channel detectors with common Bias. Its compact size and low power consumption make it ideal for direct detector coupling in a high vacuum system. It is equipped with two LEMO Bias inputs, one input for channels from 0 to 31 and a second for channels from 32 to 63.
Furthermore, on the odd channels it is possible to select the Bias to GND with an internal jumper.
The A1429 is available in different sensitivities: 20, 45, 90, 200, 400 mV / MeV.
The preamplifier output signals are in true differential supporting low-cost twisted flat cables for the output connection.
This feature allows to easily couple the A1429 with the new generation digitizer VX2740/VX2745 thus creating a complete chain for the readout of a segmented detector array.


Compare with Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WA1429X020AA A1429x020 - 64 Ch. Charge Sensitive Preamplifier 20 mV/MeV   RoHS
WA1429X045AA A1429x045- 64 Ch. Charge Sensitive Preamplifier 45 mV/MeV   RoHS
WA1429X090AA A1429x090- 64 Ch. Charge Sensitive Preamplifier 90 mV/MeV   RoHS
WA1429X400AA A1429x400- 64 Ch. Charge Sensitive Preamplifier 400 mV/MeV   RoHS
WA1429X200AA A1429x200- 64 Ch. Charge Sensitive Preamplifier 200 mV/MeV   RoHS


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