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Modular Pulse Processing Electronics

The Modular Pulse Processing Instrumentation is the interface between the experiment and the scientist. It extracts information from the detectors, allowing all data to be acquired and analysed.

CAEN provides a complete and ever increasing set of instrumentation, from Preamplifiers to Data Acquisition to Triggering Electronics and Logic Functions. Most of the instrumentation is available in the most popular standard form factors and bus protocols, such as VME, NIM, CAMAC and Desktop.
The Desktop is the stand alone form factor of the CAEN products. It provides the same performances of the other form factors and take the advantage of an easier and portable use, requiring no crates.


Programmable Logic Unit

DT1081B is a laboratory tool that incorporates in a single desktop module the most common functionalities that you need to implement the logic capabilities of your experiment.



ADCs (Peak Sensing)

Digital Peak Sensing ADC belongs to a new generation of detector readout systems based on a mixed analog-digital acquisition chain (64 channels) and a low dead time.


Amplifiers (Fast)

These 16/8/4 channels are fast rise time amplifier housed in a 1-unit NIM/VME module with input bandwidth up to 250 Mhz. Each channel is provided with LEMO 00 connectors too.


Amplifiers (Spectroscopy)

With Time Filter, CFD and pile-up rejection, PSA are implemented in a single width NIM module (single ended and differential). Used with Germanium detectors, adapted for PMT. and all fast charge detectors.


Analog Pulse Processors

Analog Pulse Processors N1568A and N914 are designed to be used with silicon detectors connected to charge preamplifiers and the discriminators share a 8 bit common threshold.



CAEN Digitizers are platform independent instruments housing high speed multichannel ADCs with local memory and FPGAs for real-time data processing.



These modules guarantees exceptional low walk jitter, lower than 50 ps, for signals spreading over a wide range of amplitude, from -5 V to -50 mV.



The N858 and V859 are double attenuators housed in a one a one unit wide NIM module. The module does not require any power supply since it is made up of resistive cells.


Linear Fan In - Fan Out Units

Quad Linear FAN-IN FAN-OUT are modules which houses three 4 In / 4 Out and one 3 In / 3 Out sections; one Discriminator channel is also featured.



Channel Multievent QDC sections are multiplexed and subsequently converted by two fast 12-bit ADCs. These modules offers a 32 event buffer memory, addressing mode and data transfer mode.


Analog Signal Converters

The V1250 is a 16 channel differential to single ended signal converter in a 1-unit wide VME 6U form factor. It provides differential inputs and single ended outputs.


Preamplifiers - Charge Sensitive

Low Noise Fast Rise Time Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers packaged in a 1/4/8 channels box. Modules can be used in nuclear and subnuclear physics experiments.


Preamplifiers - Scintillation Detectors

The A1424 is a preamplifier specifically designed for Scintillation Detectors widely used in Nuclear and High Energy Physics where low noise, fast response and high counting rates are required.


Preamplifiers - Fast

The A1425 is a fast and low noise preamplifier with AC coupled input. The fast rise time makes it suited for amplifying the signals from detectors as fast silicon sensors and diamond detectors.


Wideband Amplifiers

The A1423B is an inverting Wideband Amplifier designed for fast detectors, as SiPMs and Diamonds, having a bandwidth of ~ 1.5 GHz (-3dB).


Preamplifiers - 3He tube detectors

R1443 is a 32/64 channels Charge Sensitive Preamplifier in a 19ʺ rack unit, specifically designed for operating with neutron detectors as He3 or BF3 tubes.



Coincidence/Logic/Trigger Units

Suitable for various digital Gate/Trigger/Translator/Buffer/Test applications which can be directly customised by the user, and whose management is handled by two FPGA.


Digital Detector Emulators

Features from a set of user defined customized setting Energy Distribution and Time Distribution Signal Shape Pile-up Emulation Baseline Drift Noise.


Fan In - Fan Out Units

Programmable FPGA and I/O unit housed in a 1-unit wide VME 6U module. The board is a suitable solution for the implementation of digital functions such as Coincidence, Trigger Logic, Gate and Delay generator.


Programmable Logic Unit

Programmable FPGA to implement complex logic functions VHDL coding expertise not required User-friendly software tools for board programming Pre-programmed set...


I/O Registers

V1495/V2495/V977 and DT5495 are suitable boards for various digital Gate/Trigger/Translator/Buffer/Test applications which can be directly customised by the User, and whose management is handled by two FPGA.



Multichannel scaler operation with programmable dwell time from 1 µs to 4000 s up to 200 MHz of counting frequency. These models allows to use the board as a Multievent latching scaler housing up to 160 independent counting channels.



Channel Multihit TDC (25 ps) housed in a 1-unit wide VME 6U module. The channels can be enabled for the detection of hits rising/falling edges. The data acquisition can be programmed in Events or in Continuous Storage Mode.


Timing Units

Dual Timer and Delay Unit with completely passive delay via a set of calibrated coaxial cable stubs (50 Ohm). Output pulses are both provided normal and complementary.



1-unit wide VME module housing 8 independent logic level translators. Each of the 8 channels accepts a NIM or ECL signal and provides two NIM and two ECL outputs.


Signal Generators

Clock Generator and FAN-OUT, LED and Ultra Violet LED Driver that can be operated as a signal or a clock fan-out from another external source. Compatible with A317 clock distribution cable.



CAEN Bridges are controllers with enhanced data rate and extended interfacing capabilities in VME, Desktop and PCIe form factors. Demos and Software tools included for all the possible experimental setup.

Digitizers 2.0 - Open FPGA

This is the CAEN new family of modern digitizers, that will improve all the features already present in the current line-up and bring new ones that will expand its capabilities on many areas. These new digitizers combine the same firmware along with a new wave recording software with enhanced capabilities, together with the OpenFPGA feature. Another plus is represented by the availability of a Linux-based embedded ARM processor. This allows to run a lite version of the operating system on board and, therefore, to take advantage of that environment for automatization of some function without needing a dedicated DAQ PC always connected to the digitizer.

CAEN Open FPGA Digitizers feature programmable Open FPGA, embedded ARM and significant architecture upgrades for improved performance:

  • Increase of acquisition memory buffer size: from SSRAM to DDR4;
  • Increased communication readout through 1/10 Gb Ethernet, USB 3.0;
  • More resources for DPP algorithms and support for Programmable Open FPGA;
  • Easier multi-board synchronization (clock and timing distribution);

5560 Digitizer Family

128/32 Channels, 14-bit @125 MS/s Digitizer
Open FPGA and Sci-Compiler software for easy firmware development
Rack or Desktop form factor

Digitizers 1.0

CAEN Standard Digitizers are platform independent instruments housing high speed (up to 5 GS/s) multichannel ADCs with local memory and FPGAs for real-time data processing.

Available in different form factors, VME, NIM and Desktop, they are the result of all the experiences collected by CAEN in signal processing and data acquisition systems and have been designed driven by physics and related applications as Medical Imaging, Homeland Security and Environmental Monitoring.

Read Out Systems


Programmable DAQ Platforms

These 32/64/128 channels readout systems feature an open FPGA that allows to implement customizable pulse processing using SCI-Compiler block-diagram-based tool


Read-Out Liquid Argon TPC detector

The SY2791 is a complete detector readout system, ideally suited for liquid Argon TPC (Time Projection Chamber), but easily customizable for a wide variety of detectors.


FERS-5200 Boards

ASIC-based readout system for large detector arrays. Easy-scalable/easy-sync through one concentrator module (up to 8192 channels).


FERS-5200 Concentrator

Concentrator Board for multiboard management in FERS-5200, the CAEN platform for the readout of large arrays of detectors.


Neutron Detection

The new platform of devices for Neutron Detection is designed to collect the signals from neutron detectors, process and convert them into digital information and store them in data files.


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