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VME – NIM Power Supplies

VME solutions are an integral part of CAEN’s design history. CAEN VME solutions for Data Acquisition and Front End applications have been part of were first developed decades ago. These solutions have been upgraded and modernized multiple times, and were recently joined by CAEN VME programmable High Voltage Boards. Thanks to the innovative GECO2020 Control Software, and the multi-master capability of CAEN VME Bridges, it is now possible to accommodate and independently control an integrated VME DAQ/HV System.

NIM High Voltage Power Supplies are the best choice for small experiments in which a really low noise feature is expected. Besides the well-established generation of daisy chainable NIM power supplies, CAEN now offer a new generation of double width, self-ventilated, 8 channels NIM module that provide more power per channel with excellent monitor resolution capabilities and ripple performances. The NIM Line includes also the NDT Power Supplies, which are hosted in a NIM module and can be plugged in NIM crates for power but have also the chance of desktop operation thanks to a mains power supply cord.

NIM / Up to 6 kV - N803x

N803x is a CAEN Power Supply Family providing 8 Independent High Voltage channels in 2U NIM module. The channels share a Common Ground and four output ranges are available: 100 V/10 mA, 500 V/10 mA, 4 kV/3 mA (6W max), 6 kV/ 1 mA. The module is available with either positive or negative output polarity. Mixed version with 4 positive and 4 negative channels are also available.


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