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Digitizer Families

VME, NIM, Desktop form factor / up to 5 GS/s, up to 14-bit / from 1 to 64 channels / VME64X, Optical Link and USB 2.0 / Open FPGA.

Digitizer families

CAEN Digitizers are platform independent instruments housing high speed (up to 5 GS/s) multichannel ADCs with local memory and FPGAs for real-time data processing.

Available in different form factors, VME, NIM and Desktop, they are the result of all the experiences collected by CAEN in signal processing and data acquisition systems and have been designed driven by physics and related applications as Medical Imaging, Homeland Security and Environmental Monitoring.

Open Digitizer families

A new branch of Digitizer with open FPGA and users customizable firmware is available in 19″ rackmount and Desktop form factor.
55xx family is suited for experienced and newbies users thanks to SCI-Compiler user-friendly software that simplifies firmware writing with a block-based visual programming language.