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Viareggio is globally recognized as a superb seaside resort on the Tuscany segment of the tyrrhenian sea; it’s not even far from Tuscany art-and-culture capital towns: Florence (90 Km), Lucca (25 Km) and Pisa (25 Km). Its name comes from the via Regia, the road on which the defence fortress of Lucca was built. The climate is favourably mild in both the summer and the winter months. Tourism began to develop in the middle of the nineteenth century with the first seamen’s hostels and the building of elegant hotels. The modern town runs along streets and avenues that pass the old Burlamacca canal, and is laid out between the west and east pinewoods.

The road to Torre del Lago – the romantic Viale dei Tigli – runs through the east pinewood. The long sea front has beaches of soft sand and gardens with palms, oleanders and tamarisks. An ideal place for a walk is the avenue along the seafront, the town’s passeggiata, where there are beach buildings and shops in the art nouveau style.
The only historic building is the Torre Matilde on the Burlamacca canal and it was built by the senate of Lucca in 1544. The Carnival of Viareggio, taking place in February, with its magnificent coloured caravan parade, offers an impressively unique show.

By Train
Viareggio is located on the PISA-GENOVA axis of the Italian railways, 25 Km north of Pisa.
All the short and most of the long distance trains on this axis stop at Viareggio.
If you require train timetable information please send us an e-mail and we will give you details. From Geneva there is a direct overnight connection Geneva-Firenze, and from Firenze there is an hourly connecting train to Viareggio. The taxi ride to “Centro Italmaco I” – Viareggio Varignano – takes approximately 5 minutes.

By Plane
International Airport : Galileo Galilei PISA (25 Km from Viareggio)
Pisa Central Railway Station is a 10 minute train journey or five minute car drive from Pisa Airport. There are several connecting trains to Viareggio. Car rental is available directly at the airport.

There is a flight from Geneva to Milano and from Milano to Pisa (3.5 hours approximately including a 1.5 hour stop in Milano).

There is a flight – 1.5 hours approximately – from Geneva to Firenze International Airport “Amerigo Vespucci” FIRENZE (80 Km from Viareggio) A bus service connects the airport and Florence Central Railway Station. Trains leave Firenze on an hourly basis for Viareggio. Car rental is available directly at the airport.
There is a flight from Geneva to Lugano and from Lugano to Firenze (3 hours approximately including a 1 hour stop in Lugano). There is no direct flight Geneva-Pisa.

By Car
Viareggio is located on the Pisa-Genova axis of the Italian A12 motorway, 25 Km north of Pisa.

The motorway exit is “Viareggio”.
From Firenze: Take the A11 Firenze – Mare motorway. Take the exit toward Lucca Ovest/E80/A12/Genova/Viareggio. Merge onto A11/A11dir. Continue on RACC. A12/VIAREGGIO direction MOTORWAY GENOVA-LIVORNO-CECINA. Take the viareggio exit. Then Follow the instructions from “2.” below.

From Geneva: Once at Monte Bianco take the A5 and A26 motorways to Vercelli, Alessandria, Genova (try to avoid the rush hour in Genova!). Once in the Genova area, follow the directions for Livorno and the A12 motorway. You will come to the exit for “Viareggio” 150 Km farther. Follow the instructions from “1.” below.

From Genova: Take the A12 Sestri-Levante – Livorno motorway. Approximately 150 Km after leaving Genova you will come to the exit for “Viareggio”. Follow the instructions from “1.” below.

From Livorno: Take the A12 Livorno – Sestri-Levante motorway. Approximately 40 Km after leaving Livorno you will come to the exit for “Viareggio”. Follow the instructions from “1.” below.

From Milano: Take the “Autostrada del Sole” (A1) motorway for Bologna. After approximately 130 Km move on to the A15 motorway for La Spezia . At La Spezia follow the directions for the Sestri Levante – Livorno motorway (A12) in the direction of Livorno. Approximately 60 Km later you will come to the exit for “Viareggio”. Follow the instructions from “1.” below.

From Pisa: Take the “Aurelia” (SS1) State Road for Viareggio and Massa. Follow the instructions from “3.” below.


  • “Viareggio” Motorway Exit
  • Follow the indications for PISA (on “Aurelia variante” SS1 State main road)
  • Exit Aurelia Variante “Cotone / Bicchio”
  • Continue on Via delle Darsene (0.4 km)
  • Turn right: Via Aurelia Sud (0.7 km)
  • Going through a rail crossing and then 2 sets of traffic lights
  • After the second traffic lights turn right: Via Fornace Mannozzi (0.1 km) (there is a Pastificio/Gastronomia shop on the corner)
  • At the end of this narrow street (just over 100m) turn left. Approximately 150m later turn right at the crossroads into Via Vetraia. The road leads onto the Centro Italmaco premises, East (mountains side) car park
  • CAEN’s offices are on the first floor of the Italmaco 1 building which you will find in front of you.


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