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The Power Supply Systems are the heart of any experiment. They provide the High voltage and Low voltage required by the detectors and by the related front-end electronics. The quality of the power supply is critical to obtain the best performance from the set-up. The sensibility of modern detectors, in fact, make them susceptible to any even small variation in the power supply, and so features like low Noise, low Ripple and high stability become essential in the design of a performing power supply system. Strong of 40 years of collaboration with the most important research labs worldwide CAEN offers today sophisticated High Voltage Power Supply and Low Voltage Power Supply Systems. The demonstration of this successful long-standing tradition is the “CMS Crystal Award 2009” that CAEN received for the development and production of the power system for the CMS tracker. CAEN offers a wide selection of Power Supplies in different form factors and standards:

  • For smaller set-ups Standalone or modular (NIM / VME) products or are the ideal fit.
  • For bigger set-ups, where a high number of High voltages and Low voltages is required, the Mainframe Systems and Boards (up to 48 channels/board, up to 768 channels in a single Mainframe) are the most recommended.

New Power Supplies

From small labs to large experiments

The new generation of CAEN High and Low Voltage Power Supply, with best noise performance, designed for front-end electronics, Silicon detectors, resistive plate chambers and more!

Universal Multichannel System

CAEN Universal Multichannel Power Supply Systems are 100% internally developed and designed to install into a standard 19” relay rack. The mainframes and dedicated HV/LV boards were purposefully designed to provide peak performance in a broad spectrum of operational scenarios and for a vast number of detector types. CAEN mainframe systems are modular, making upgrade and maintenance a breeze.
A single mainframe may house and provide control for up to 768 independent channels. Each mainframe may be configured with a mixture of both High Voltage boards for detector bias and Low Voltage boards to drive peripheral electronics.
This exceptional combination of power, flexibility, modularity, and reliability enable CAEN to customize the perfect HV/LV Mainframe System for any experimental conditions, from the smallest test-bench applications up to the largest international High Energy Physics experiments, and to do so in the most cost effective manner possible.




Features SYx527 Modular design makes upgrade and maintenance simple and straightforward The modular CPU is available in three versions (BASIC,...


Mainframe CPU Modules

The CPU controller is offered in three versions: BASIC, ADVANCED and FULL; Each board allows to control and manage the LV/HV boards installed in the crate.


Mainframe Power Supply Units

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is available in three versions: Primary, Optional Single and Optional Double. The Primary PSU (A4531)...


Low Voltage Boards

Features 8 independently controllable full floating channels Up to 32 V Up to 60 W Max channel output power High...


Up to 100 V

Features From 12 to 48 independently controllable High Voltage channels 0 ÷ 100 V output voltage Maximum Current: 1mA, 10...


Up to 500 V

Features From 12 to 48 independently controllable High Voltage channels 0 ÷ 500 V output voltage (0 ÷ 250 V,...


Up to 1.5 kV

Features From 12 to 48 independently controllable High Voltage channels 0 ÷ 1.5 kV (A1538D) and 0 ÷ 1/1.3/1.4 kV...


Up to 3.5 kV

Features From 12 to 48 independently controllable High Voltage channels 0 ÷ 3.5 kV output voltage Maximum Current 3.5 mA...


Up to 8 kV

This family of High Voltage Power Supplies includes single and double width boards housing up to 24 output channels ...


Up to 15 kV

Features Up to 16 high voltage channels 15 kV maximum output voltage Maximum Current 1 mA CPE, Radiall Multipin or...


Up to 2.5 kV Bipolar

Features From 8 independently controllable High Voltage channels with an excellent long term output stability, a maximum voltage of ±2.5 kV and a maximum current of ±500 µA.

VME - NIM Power Supplies

VME solutions are an integral part of CAEN’s design history. CAEN VME solutions for Data Acquisition and Front End applications have been part of were first developed decades ago. These solutions have been upgraded and modernized multiple times, and were recently joined by CAEN VME programmable High Voltage Boards. Thanks to the innovative GECO2020 Control Software, and the multi-master capability of CAEN VME Bridges, it is now possible to accommodate and independently control an integrated VME DAQ/HV System.

NIM High Voltage Power Supplies are the best choice for small experiments in which a really low noise feature is expected. Besides the well-established generation of daisy chainable NIM power supplies, CAEN now offer a new generation of double width, self-ventilated, 8 channels NIM module that provide more power per channel with excellent monitor resolution capabilities and ripple performances. The NIM Line includes also the NDT Power Supplies, which are hosted in a NIM module and can be plugged in NIM crates for power but have also the chance of desktop operation thanks to a mains power supply cord.


VME / Up to 6 kV - V65xx

The VME Power Supply family is a 6U modules family housing 6 independent High Voltage channels able to provide up to 6 kV and 3 mA. The units are available with either positive, negative or mixed polarity.
The channels share a common floating return, which allows on-detector grounding reducing the noise level. HV outputs are delivered through SHV connectors.


NIM / Up to 6 kV - N803x

N803x is a CAEN Power Supply Family providing 8 Independent High Voltage channels in 2U NIM module. The channels share a Common Ground and four output ranges are available: 100 V/10 mA, 500 V/10 mA, 4 kV/3 mA (6W max), 6 kV/1 mA. The module is available with either positive or negative output polarity.


NIM / Up to 15 kV Reversible Polarity NDT14xx-N14xxET-N14xx-N1570

The NIM power supply family provides a series of Independent High Voltage channels in 1U (N14xx) or 2U (NDT14xx, N14xxET, N1570) NIM module. N14xxET/NDT14xx families provides 4 channels, N1570 2 channels, while N14xx are available in versions housing 4, 2 or 1 channels (N14xx, N14xxA, N14xxB).

Stand Alone Power Supply

CAEN has developed a new line of fully independent Desktop and Rack-Mount High Voltage Power Supplies. Offered with various V/I output configurations, CAEN Desktop and Rack-Mount Power Supplies are flexible enough to bias a wide range of detector types.

CAEN has recently developed a new High Voltage Power Supply family in PCB form. These PCB HV Power Supplies are particularly well suited for astroparticle applications in which an array of detectors is spread over a very large area. For such applications the traditional centralized approach to detector bias becomes unwieldy.


Up to 5 kV - DT547x

The DT547x is a CAEN Power Supply Family providing a Single High Voltage channel in a small size Desktop form factor.


Up to 6 kV - DT55xxE

Features 4 independent HV channels in a compact desktop module Up to 6 kV / 3 mA output ranges Available...


Up to 6 kV - DT803x

Features 8 independently controllable HV channels Very low ripple Four versions from 100 V up to 6kV, and from 1...


Up to 6 kV - R803x

Features 8 or 16 independently controllable HV channels in a 2U, 19” Rackmount unit Very low ripple Four versions from...


Up to 12 kV Power Supply Boxes

Low noise, high efficiency, single channel High Voltage DC/DC converters (up to 12 kV) in a compact and easily mountable form factor.

EASY (Embedded Assembly SYstem)

EASY (Embedded Assembly SYstem) is the CAEN high/low voltage power supply solution every time residual magnetic fields and/or radiation become an issue.

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EASY AC/DCs Converters

A3484, A3485 and A3486 modules allows to integrate into the EASY channels control the management of the 48 V power supplies with overcurrent protection.


EASY3000 ADCs Boards

There modules are developed for operation in magnetic field and radioactive environment and houses 128 input ADC channels on standard flat cable connectors.


Branch Controllers

Standalone (R6060) or single width SYx527 boards (A1676A, A1660) branch controllers for air cooled EASY 3000/6000 and Water cooled EASY BRIC systems



EASY3000 compatible boards: resilient to radiation and magnetic fields. Designed to bias a wide range of detectors from 100 to 12k volts.



EASY3000 compatible boards: resilient to radiation and magnetic fields. Designed to power front-end (2-16 V) available in different granularity/channel densities.



EASY3000 compatible boards: resilient to radiation and magnetic fields. Designed to bias a wide range of detectors from 100 to 12k volts.


EASY3000 Remote Crates

EASY3000 (Embedded Assembly SYstem) is the new CAEN power supply solution for operation in magnetic field and radioactive environment.


EASY6000 DC/DCs Converters

The B and Rad tolerant Intermediate Converter (BRIC) is a brand new product of the EASY family built to endure the harsh condition of High Luminosity LHC ..

Low Voltage Power supplies


Low Power Low Voltage

Quad Desktop and NIM Power distributor for A1422-A1424 Preamplifiers and DT57xx Digitizers. The +12 V power supply for the digitizer is provided through a 6 pin Shielded Miniature Circular DIN Connector.


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