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Innovative Projects

CAEN is involved in several leading-edge R&D collaborative projects, each of them with these common goals: to continue to expand and develop our expertise in high-level electronic design, and to extend this expertise into complementary and relevant applications for the benefit of the community as a whole.

A particular focus of these R&D collaborative projects has been in the fields of SECURITY (CBRNE Protection, Illicit Trafficking Countermeasures, Radiation Monitoring of Sensitive Locations, etc…) and the ENVIRONMENT (Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring, Recognition of Radioactive Contamination Threats, etc…).

Below is a list of our most recent and relevant innovative projects:



1 MODES_SNM – MOdular DEtection System for Special Nuclear Materials Start date: January 2012
End date: June 2014
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2 TAWARA_RTM – TAp WAter RAdioactivity Real Time Monitor Start date: December 2013
End date: August 2016
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3 FTK – Fast TracKer for hadron collider experiments Start date: February 2013
End date: January 2017
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4 C-BORD – Effective Container inspection at BORDer control points Start date: June 2015
End date: November 2018 
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5 RADIATE – Research And Development with Ion Beams – Advancing Technology in Europe  Starting date: January 2019
Ending date: June 2023 
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6 MICADO – Measurement and Instrumentation for Cleaning and Decommissioning Operations Starting date: June 2019
Ending date: November 2022
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7 ENTRANCE – Efficient risk-based inspection of freight crossing borders without disrupting business Starting date: October 2020
Ending date: September 2023 
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8 CLEANDEM – Cyber physicaL Equipment for unmAnned Nuclear DEcommissioning Measurements Starting date: March 2021
Ending date: February 2024
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9 SilentBorder – Cosmic Ray Tomograph for Identification of Hazardous and Illegal Goods hidden in Trucks and Sea Containers  Starting date: May 2021
Ending date: April 2025
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10 HARPERS – HARmonised PracticEs, Regulations and Standards in waste management and decommissioning Starting date: June 2021
Ending date: May 2025
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Italian National / Regional Projects

Starting Date – Ending Date


1 SLIMCHECK – SLIMPORT Programme  Start date: May 2010
End date: April 2012
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2 SAMORAD – Sistema Airborne di MOnitoraggio della RADioattività  Start date: January 2013
End date: December 2015
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3 NEOLITE – Nuove tEcnologie elettrOniche di aLimentazione In ambientTe ostilE Start date: April 2016
End date: September 2017
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4 PRIMIS – PRedIctive MaIntenance in hoStile environment  Start date: January 2018
End date: September 2020
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5 CORSAIR – Cloud Oriented Radiation Sensor for Advanced Investigation of Rocks Start date: January 2018
End date: September 2020
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