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Stand Alone Power Supply

CAEN has developed a new line of fully independent Desktop and Rack-Mount High Voltage Power Supplies. Offered with various V/I output configurations, CAEN Desktop and Rack-Mount Power Supplies are flexible enough to bias a wide range of detector types.

CAEN has recently developed a new High Voltage Power Supply family in PCB form. These PCB HV Power Supplies are particularly well suited for astroparticle applications in which an array of detectors is spread over a very large area. For such applications the traditional centralized approach to detector bias becomes unwieldy.


Up to 5 kV - DT547x

The DT547x is a CAEN Power Supply Family providing a Single High Voltage channel in a small size Desktop form factor.


Up to 6 kV - DT55xxE

Features 4 independent HV channels in a compact desktop module Up to 6 kV / 3 mA output ranges Available...


Up to 6 kV - DT803x

Features 8 independently controllable HV channels Very low ripple Four versions from 100 V up to 6kV, and from 1...


Up to 6 kV - R803x

Features 8 or 16 independently controllable HV channels in a 2U, 19” Rackmount unit Very low ripple Four versions from...


Up to 12 kV Power Supply Boxes

Low noise, high efficiency, single channel High Voltage DC/DC converters (up to 12 kV) in a compact and easily mountable form factor.


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