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Our Policy

CAEN has defined its own QUALITY POLICY. It includes the objectives and commitments that the Company has established and that aims to maintain, respecting the needs and the customer expectations. This policy is shared on all company levels.

The OBJECTIVES can be summarized as follows:

  • Our success depends on the customers satisfaction. It is our primary goal to ensure our customers high quality products and services that meet their requirements, satisfying their needs and preferences.
  • We are committed to improve our performances in every area of our business and each sector is set to meet or exceed these expectations;
  • To achieve utmost efficiency, maximizing our customer satisfaction, enforcing our market position and improving our financial results to ensure quality and continuous progress of our processes, products and services;
  • Maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure the standard quality of products and services, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement;
  • Ensure, among all employees, the compliance with the requirements of Italian law and with the national law of the countries where we operate;
  • Ensure the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders in order to guarantee the necessary balance for the maintenance of our organization and business continuity;
  • Obtain a simple, flexible and dynamic operative business organization that reflects the company and the market needs.

Moreover, the COMMITMENTS:

  • Dedicate our resources to the research of technological innovations on the market that are attractive to our core business;
  • Improve continuously the supply processes, according to the customer expectations;
  • Maintain a consistent application of ISO regulations and of legal and ethical principals that mostly affect our territory;
  • Ensure that the ethical conduct, safety, health, environmental and legal regulations are the basic premises of our business.


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