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Digital Multi Channel Analyzers


780 MCA Family

Features Dual independent 16k Digital MCA available in desktop and NIM from factors Dedicated to high resolution gamma ray spectroscopy...


781 MCA Family

Features Dual or Quad independent 16k digital MCA available in desktop and NIM form factors Dedicated to high resolution gamma...


Hexagon Family

Hexagon is a compact, stand-alone dual digital 32k MCA, available in desktop form factor. It is designed for high energy resolution...


One-Channel MCA Family

The CAEN Mod. DT5770 / DT5771 are compact portable Digital MCA for Gamma Spectroscopy, integrating analog front-end with programmable gain and possible AC coupling. Ideally suited for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, like HPGe and Silicon, connected to a Charge Sensitive Preamplifier (CSP).


i-Spector family

i-Spector is an innovative product designed to operate as full-featured radiation detection systems for Gamma Spectroscopy and/or Neutron-Gamma Discrimination. Its profile makes this unit ideal for many portable applications where size, weight and power consumption are important constraints.



The CAEN Mod.V1782 is the new Octal 32k digital MCA. Designed for high energy resolution semiconductor detector is perfectly suited for those application in which the number of input channels start becoming relevant such as when segmented HPGe, Clovers and silicon detectors are involved.


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