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Firmware & Software

Firmwares, Library and Software developed for CAEN Hardware



Quantitative Spectrometry Software

Quantus is CAEN high performance software to make Quantitative Spectrometry with Hexagon digital MCA for simultaneous multi-spectrum analyzation and multi-detector data acquisition

Readout Software

A complete set of software tool for digitizers: readout application for CAEN Open FPGA, running DPP-PHA firmware, oscilloscope and MCA graphical Tool.

Open FPGA Tools

SCI-Compiler User Firmware Generator for CAEN Programmable Boards with automatic VHDL generation starting from logic blocks and virtual instruments available for DT5495, V2495, DT5550 and DT5550W CAEN modules.

Configuration Tools

Configuration tools composed by CAEN SyncTest, VME Demos, Upgrader and DeskBoot availables for Front-End NIM and Desktop Digitizers.

Control Software

CAEN Control Software are software tools that allows an easy management of all the functional parameters of the CAEN Spectroscopy Amplifiers, CAEN High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Supplies.

EASY Configuration files

EASY Rack Configuration Files of all EASY Boards. These files contain the operating parameters of each EASY Board and are used to configure EASY Crates connected to the A1676A branch controller.


EPICS Input/Output Controller for SYx527 Systems and Power Supply Modules


Software Library

Software Libraries

Interface library for CAEN Data Acquistion Modules and CAEN VME Bridge.
High level library for CAEN Digitizers running DPP firmware


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