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Read Out Systems


Programmable DAQ Platforms

These 32/64/128 channels readout systems feature an open FPGA that allows to implement customizable pulse processing using SCI-Compiler block-diagram-based tool


Read-Out Liquid Argon TPC detector

The SY2791 is a complete detector readout system, ideally suited for liquid Argon TPC (Time Projection Chamber), but easily customizable for a wide variety of detectors.


FERS-5200 Boards

ASIC-based readout system for large detector arrays. Easy-scalable/easy-sync through one concentrator module (up to 8192 channels).


FERS-5200 Concentrator

Concentrator Board for multiboard management in FERS-5200, the CAEN platform for the readout of large arrays of detectors.


Neutron Detection

The new platform of devices for Neutron Detection is designed to collect the signals from neutron detectors, process and convert them into digital information and store them in data files.


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