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The CLOUDGEM investment project aims to enhance the company’s capabilities by acquiring solutions related to the most advanced enabling technologies for digital transformation and support services for corporate sustainability and well-being.


The acquired services include:

  • A Web3-based solution aimed at reducing the effort of the engineering team in pre-sales, design, and technical/functional support phases through the use of semantic web solutions and artificial intelligence applications.
  • An Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based solution to monitor the usage status of sold products, thereby planning or proposing preventive maintenance services, replacements, upgrades, or specific technical assistance, including remotely.

Both of the above solutions require a structured, cloud-based, and protected data foundation: a PIM on Cloud system with the highest market security standards such as multi-factor authentication, granular access levels with roles and permissions, and a PaaS architecture with backup and disaster recovery. The activity also includes acquiring consulting services aimed at creating a Cybersecurity solution, integrating it with the company’s process flows and/or production lines, validating, and commissioning the solution to ensure data protection and business continuity.

Finally, to achieve corporate awareness regarding gender equality, a management system compliant with the UNI PDR 125:2022 standard for gender equality will be implemented, particularly involving the management of business processes to overcome biases, provide equal growth and pay opportunities, and manage parenthood and work-life balance.

Project co-financed by the ERDF ROP 2021-2027 Action 1.1.3 “Innovation Services”



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