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Quad VME Power Distributor


  • 1-unit wide VME 6U module
  • Four DB9 connectors with ±6 V, ±12 V, ±24 V each
  • Ripple: <1mVpp on ±6 V; <2mVpp on ±12 V, ±24 V
  • Survey of all 6 voltages on each output
  • Protection of all voltages by self-recovering electronical fuses
  • Individually filtered outputs to ensure low noise operation
  • Standard voltage output compatible with CAEN electronics and with many other manufacturers


The V5425 is a 4-channel VME power distribution module.

The individual voltage outputs (±6 V, ±12 V and ±24 V) are protected by electronic fuses which automatically recover after short circuit. All six voltages are surveyed for each of the four outputs. The status is displayed by LEDs.

Low-noise preamplifers require DC power that is free of interference generated by other modules inserted in the VME crate. The mod. V5425 ensures this low-noise capability by filtering the power lines separately at each connector.

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Packaging

1-unit wide VME 6U module

Power Requirements

Powered by VME Crate power supply

PreAmp 1, 2, 3, 4 output

+6 V / 2 A
-6 V / 1.5 A
±12 V / 500 mA
±24 V / 250 mA

4 SubD9 female connectors

Noise performance

±6V OUT on Preamp 1÷4 connectors: ripple <1 mVpp
±12V OUT, ±24V OUT on Preamp 1÷4 connectors: ripple <2 mVpp

Measurement conditions:

  • 20 MHz bandwidth limited oscilloscope, AC-coupled; capacitive load 100 nF on OUT in measurement,
  • OUT at full load (2A on +6V OUT, 1.5A on -6V OUT, 500mA on ±12V OUT, 250mA on ±24V OUT).


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