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Compact Underwater System for Radionuclides Identification


  • Underwater system up to 50 m depth (5 ATM) in both fresh or salted water for radiological search
  • Hermetic housing for underwater and Oil&Gas waste operation and for an easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable battery for daily measurements
  • Integrated GPS used for an easy visualization of the measurements
  • Wired communication during the measurement session and also wireless capability for the configuration of the system


GAMON Diver is a compact underwater radionuclide identification system specifically designed for submerged radiometric measurement and radiological alerts. It can be used as a quick response measurement device, or it can be installed as a permanent monitoring device for sensitive underwater locations or for oil&gas applications. GAMON Diver has a submersible hermetic case and its weight allow an easy gamma spectroscopic measurement in real time from small boat or watercraft. GAMON Diver system offers the best combination of portability, low power consumption and performance.


GAMON Diver compact underwater radionuclide identification system is designed to be used in the following scenario:

  • Detection and monitoring of water reservoir, lakes, ports or sea
  • Long term monitoring of the environmental conditions in rivers or after a nuclear power plant or before a water extraction point
  • Control of the NORM content in the Oil&Gas waste like accumulated sludge from the
    extraction process