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Human Portable Radionuclide Identifier


  • Rugged and discrete housing for outdoor monitoring in public areas
  • Size and weight suited for being easily transported in back-packs or carry-on luggage
  • Spectroscopic and dosimetry probes with the identification of gamma emitting radionuclides
  • Extended operation with rechargeable batteries
  • Onboard web interface for easy configuration of the system and isotope-based alarms
  • Georeferenced map of the measurements for a real time data visualization
  • Scintillator detectors NaI(Tl), CeBr3, LaBr3(Ce) or NaIL™ for gamma and neutron detection


GAMON Pack is a portable radionuclide identifier system designed for detection and identification of radiation sources in crowded or sensitive areas or locations forbidden to vehicles. GAMON Pack allows security personnel to perform undercover measurements in strategic areas like airports or railway stations where the probability for a terroristic attack is higher. It can detect and identify orphan source or radiological dispersal device classifying them in NORM, medical or industrial.

The data are displayed on a visualization device (smartphone or tablet) that allows to remain
anonymous in the crowd. In case of alarm an acoustic signal, a short vibration or a message can
be configured as warning notification.


The GAMON Pack portable radionuclide identifier system is designed to be used in the following scenario:

  • Radiological threat search across a large area or in hard to reach zone
  • Emergency and first-response applications for an easy control of the zone
  • For location survey and control before, during and after a public event
  • Discrete routine survey in crowded area