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Dose and spectrometric detection unit, light weight


  • Rugged housing for outdoor monitoring in public areas
  • High detection efficiency for detecting minimal variation in background radioactivity during surveys
  • Spectroscopic and dosimetry probes with the identification of gamma emitting radionuclides
  • Extended operation with rechargeable batteries
  • Onboard web interface for easy configuration of the system and isotope-based alarms
  • Georeferenced map of the measurements for a real time data visualization
  • Scintillator detectors NaI(Tl), CeBr3, LaBr3(Ce) or NaIL™ for gamma and neutron detection


GAMON Drone is a compact radionuclides identification system designed for wide area radiological threat search. Weight and dimensions allow an easy installation on an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) to conduct measurements over large areas, to improve the operator safety or for access difficulties. GAMON Drone includes independent spectroscopy and dosimetry probes for gamma detection integrated in a rugged housing for outdoor environments. It communicates wireless directly to the ground control station where a GIS map visualizes trajectory and measurements without affecting the UAV/UGV connections and performances.


The GAMON Drone is a compact radionuclides identification system is designed to be used in the following scenario:

  • Radiological threat search across a large area or in a zone difficult to reach
  • In emergency and first response applications for an easy control of the zone
  • During radiological accident to evaluate the situation and reduce the exposure rate of the personnel
  • For location survey and control before, during and after a public event