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  Code Description
WAGDIVCAB090 GAMON-Diver marine cable 90 m  
WSGDIVMNAAAB GAMON-Diver mobile NaI 2"x2"  
WSGDIVMNAAAC GAMON-Diver mobile NaI 3"x3"  
WSGDIVSNAAAB GAMON-Diver station NaI 2"x2"  
WSGDIVSNAAAC GAMON-Diver station NaI 3"x3"  
WAGDIVCAB050 GAMON-Diver marine cable 50 m  
WAGDIVCABXAA GAMON-Diver laboratory cable 3 m  
WAGDIVREL001 GAMON-Diver cable reel 100 m  
WAGDIVREL002 GAMON-Diver cable reel 50 m  
WAGDIVREL003 GAMON-Diver cable reel 2 m  


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