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8 Channel 6 kV/ 20 µA NIM Power Supply Module (USB/Ethernet/Touchscreen)


  • 8 independent channels in a 2U NIM module
  • 6 kV / 20 µA output range
  • Channels with either positive or negative polarity
  • SHV coaxial output connectors
  • Low Ripple
  • Under/over-voltage alert, overcurrent and max. voltage protection
  • Interlock logic for board enable and Individual channel kill
  • 100 pA Current monitor resolution (with x10 Imon-Zoom: 10 pA)
  • 2.8″ color touch screen display
  • Local and Remote control (USB2.0/Ethernet)
  • Software Tools for easy channel management


The Mod. N8034H provides 8 independent 6 kV/ 20 µA channels in a double width NIM mechanics. Each channel can provide a 6 kV max voltage and a 20 µA max current. The unit is available with positive, negative and “mixed” (4 positive and 4 negative) channels.

Channels outputs are delivered through SHV connectors. The HV output RAMP-UP and RAMP-DOWN rates may be selected independently for each channel in the range 1÷500 V/s in 1 V/s steps. The module features 100 pA Iset resolution.

Module control can take place either locally thanks to a 2.8″ Touchscreen Graphic color LCD display with a completely redesigned user interface or remotely, via USB 2.0 or Ethernet.

A complete set of Software Tools is available to control these units; the user can freely download low level libraries, LabVIEW driver and Graphical application software. Moreover a built-in web interface (Coming Soon) is available to easily controls the module with no need to install software on a PC. The user can monitor the status of the module and configure the HV parameters for each channel in real time.

Safety features include:

  • OVERVOLTAGE and UNDERVOLTAGE warning when the output voltage differs from the programmed value by more than 2% of set value (minimum 10V).
  • Programmable VMAX protection limit.
  • OVERCURRENT detection: if a channel tries to draw a current larger than its programmed limit, it enters TRIP status, keeping the maximum allowed value for a programmable time (TRIP), before being switched off.
  • Common Interlock logic for channels enable/disable and individual inputs signal for channel Kill function.

Technical Specifications


Double width NIM mechanics. Weight: ~2.6 kg

Output channels

8 channels, SHV connector
Positive, Negative or Mixed (4-8 positive and 4-8 negative) Polarity; common ground

Output Voltage

0÷6 kV

Max. Output Current

20 µA

Max. Ch. Output Power

0.12 W

Vset Resolution


Vmon Resolution


Iset Resolution

100 pA

Imon Resolution

100 pA (high range) / 10 pA (low range)


0 ÷ 6 kV

Vmax resolution

2 V

IMAX hardware

20 µA

IMAX hardware resolution

20 nA

Ramp Up/Down

1÷500 Volt/s, 1 Volt/s step


Max. time an “overcurrent” can last (seconds). A channel in “overcurrent” works as a current generator; output voltage varies in order to keep the output current lower than the programmed value. “Overcurrent” lasting more than set value (1 to 9999) causes the channel to “trip”. Output voltage will drop to zero either at the Ramp-down rate or at the fastest available rate, depending on Power Down setting; in both cases the channel is put in the off state. If trip= INFINITE, “overcurrent” lasts indefinitely. TRIP range: 0 ÷ 999.9s; 1000 s = Infinite.
Step = 0.1 s

Voltage Ripple

10 – 1000Hz: <4mVpp typ; <8mVpp max
1kHz – 20MHz: <2mVpp typ; <5mVpp max

Vmon vs. Vout Accuracy

± 0.02% ± 1V

Vset vs. Vout Accuracy

± 0.02% ± 1V

Imon vs. Iout Accuracy

± 0.2% ± 20nA (high range); ± 0.2% ± 2nA (low range)

Iset vs. Iout Accuracy

± 0.2% ± 20nA (high range); ± 0.2% ± 2nA (low range)

Humidity range

0 ÷ 80% non condensing

Operating temperature

0 ÷ 45°C

Storage temperature

-10 ÷ 70°C

Vout / Temperature coefficient

50 ppm / °C

Long Term stability (1 week after 1h warmup)

±0.02% / full scale

Local Control

LCD touchscreen

Remote Control

USB & Ethernet


Compare with NIM High Voltage Power Supplies.



HV Cables
High Voltage Cable Assemblies
Inhibit - Kill Signal BNC Adapter for HV Power Supply Modules

Ordering Options

Code Description
WN8034HXMAAA N8034HM - 8 Channel NIM Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (4ch -6KV 20uA, 4ch +6KV 20uA) 50pA   RoHS
WN8034HXNAAA N8034HN - 8 Channel NIM Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (-6KV 20uA) 50pA res.- SHV Common Gn  RoHS
WN8034HXPAAA N8034HP - 8 Channel NIM Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (+6KV 20uA) 50pA res.- SHV Common Gn  RoHS


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