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8 Channel 100 V/ 10 mA NIM Power Supply Module (USB/Ethernet/Touchscreen)


  • 2U NIM module
  • 100 V / 10mA output ranges
  • Channels with either positive or negative polarity
  • BNC coaxial output connectors
  • Low Ripple
  • 0.5 mV Vset resolution
  • 50 nA Iset resolution
  • Under/over-voltage alert, overcurrent and max. voltage protection
  • Programmable ramp-up / ramp-down (1-50 V/s)
  • Daisy-chain capabilty
  • 2.8″ color touch screen display
  • Local and Remote control (USB2.0/Ethernet)
  • Interlock logic for board enable and Individual channel kill
  • Software Tool for easy channel management


The Mod. N8031 provides 8 independent 100 V/ 10 mA channels in a double width NIM mechanics. Each channel can provide a 100V max voltage and a 10 mA max current. The unit is available with positive, negative and “mixed” (4 positive and 4 negative) channels.

Channels outputs are delivered through BNC connectors. The HV output RAMP-UP and RAMP-DOWN rates may be selected independently for each channel in the range 1÷50 V/s in 1 V/s steps. The module features 50 nA Iset resolution.

Module control can take place either locally thanks to a 2.8″ Touchscreen Graphic color LCD display with a completely redesigned user interface or remotely, via USB 2.0 or Ethernet.

A complete set of Software Tools is available to control these units; the user can freely download low level libraries, LabVIEW driver and Graphical application software.


Safety features include:

  • OVERVOLTAGE and UNDERVOLTAGE warning when the output voltage differs from the programmed value by more than 2% of set value (minimum 10V).
  • Programmable VMAX protection limit
  • OVERCURRENT detection: if a channel tries to draw a current larger than its programmed limit, it enters TRIP status, keeping the maximum allowed value for a programmable time (TRIP), before being switched off
  • Common Interlock logic for channels enable/disable and individual inputs signal for channel Kill function.

Technical Specifications

Output ranges

100V / 10mA

Output channels

8 channels, BNC connector
Positive, Negative or Mixed (4 positive and 4 negative) Polarity

Max. Ch. Output Power

1 W

Vset / Vmon Resolution

500 µV

Iset Resolution

50 nA

Imon Resolution

50 nA (high range) / 5 nA (low range)


0 ÷ 100 V

Vmax resolution

1 V

Ramp Up/Down

1÷50 Volt/s, 1 Volt/s step

Voltage Ripple

10 – 1000Hz: <3mV typ; <5mV max.
>1kHz: <1mV typ; <3mV max

Vmon vs. Vout Accuracy

± 0.02% ± 20mV

Vset vs. Vout Accuracy

± 0.02% ± 20mV

Imon vs. Iout Accuracy

± 0.5% ± 50µA

Iset vs. Iout Accuracy

± 0.5% ± 50µA

Humidity range

0 ÷ 80%

Operating temperature

0 ÷ 45°C

Storage temperature

-10 ÷ 70°C

Vout / Temperature coefficient

10 ppm/°C typ

Long Term stability (24h after 1h warmup)

±0,01% constant temp, Vout = 70V, no load

Local Control

LCD touchscreen

Remote Control

USB & Ethernet


Double width NIM mechanics. Weight: ~2.6 kg


Compare with NIM High Voltage Power Supplies.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WN8031XAAAAA N8031N - 8 Channel NIM Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (-100V 10mA) - BNC conn. Common Gnd 
WN8031XMAAAA N8031M - 8 Channel NIM Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (4ch-100V 10mA, 4ch+100V 10mA) - BNC 
WN8031XPAAAA N8031P - 8 Channel NIM Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (+100V 10mA) - BNC conn. Common Gnd