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Educational Kits

A modern, digital and flexible platform developed by CAEN for teaching the fundamentals of Statistics & Nuclear and Modern Physics

This page is dedicated to a short description of the advanced instrumentations developed by CAEN and used to perform the experiments proposed.

The devices are put together to form educational kits, suitable to a specified application in Nuclear and Modern Physics fields. Moreover three educational kits, "Educational Gamma Kit", "Educational Beta Kit" and "Educational Photon Kit", are included in a "Educational Kit - Premium Version" that allows to perform almost entirely all the experiments.

The "Emulation Kit" allows to perform a series of lab experiments related to gamma spectroscopy with no radioactive source and detector, but simulating the signals produced by interaction of particle with the detecting unit.

The "EasyPET" is the only not modular system. It is a user friendly and portable PET system that allows to perform nuclear imaging experiments.