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Environmental Kit Plus - Gamma Radiation and Shielding Laboratory


  • Embedded web interface with spectrum analysis tools
  • Based on Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) matrix coupled to a CsI Scintillator
  • Well suited for:
    • Detecting γ-Radiation
    • Energy Resolution
    • System Calibration: Linearity and Resolution
    • γ-Radiation Absorption
    • Comparison of different Shielding Materials
    • Comparison of different Scintillating Crystals
    • Photonuclear cross-section/Compton Scattering cross-section
    • Environmental background measurements
    • Passive Radon measurements
    • Samples and Photopeaks identification
    • Environmental Sample measurements


Radioactivity is around us and getting to know it experimentally is essential for physics students. Gamma spectroscopy is instrumental for understanding the mechanism of the interaction with matter, the fundamentals of detection, and the underlying nuclear physics.

CAEN designed a new dedicated Educational kit, the SP5630ENP – Environmental kit Plus, to guide the users towards the development of complementary measurement techniques based on counting and on the analysis of the spectrum. The main goal is the study of the absorption of the gamma rays passing through matter thicknesses and the related observations about the different crossed materials. It is a user-friendly system for Advanced Labs based on the latest technologies and instrumentation.

What’s inside

The Educational Radiation Shielding Kit is the system solution to perform several experiments about the gamma spectroscopy and shielding materials. The kit comprises:

SP5600 PSU photo

Nr.1 i-Spector- S2570B is an innovative product designed to operate as full-featured radiation detector systems for Gamma Spectroscopy. i-Spector Digital is based on a SiPM area (18x18mm), coupled to a Csl scintillator crystal, and it hosts a preamplifier stage, an integrated power supply for SiPM biasing with temperature feedback loop, a pulse shaper, a MCA based on 80 MSps 12-bit ADC and digital charge integration algorithm. The i-Spector Digital can be controlled through Ethernet and it provides as output an analog amplified signal and a 4k channels energy spectrum calculated onboard.

To increase the familiarity with this field CAEN provides a kit of samples, suitable for gamma environmental detection. The kit is composed of an LYSO scintillating crystal, two charcoal canisters, a test sample, a fertilizer sample, a rock sample, an empty beaker, mechanics support, a portable digital pocket scale, and adhesive tape. Teaching and training experiences are performed starting from acquiring gamma spectra to study the emission and the composition of different sample and radon passive measurement.

The Shielding Kit is the solution to perform several experiments about gamma spectroscopy and shielding materials. The kit comprises mechanics support laterally equipped with a graduated scale in cm and inch, n8 Aluminium and Lead absorber, plastic supports for absorbers, and support for radioactive source.

The i-Spector includes the Csl crystal, directly coupled to a SiPM matrix. Moreover, the educational kit provides a BGO scintillating crystal to study and compare the basic characteristics of two different crystals. The BGO is relatively hard, high density, non hygroscopic crystal with good gamma-ray absorption. Often used for PET imaging and high energy physics applications as Compton schields.


i-Spector Digital Web Interface

The i-Spector Digital Web Interface can be easily controlled through its dedicated web-based interface with no need to install software on your PC. The user can monitor the status of the module, configure the HV and connection parameters and visualize the energy spectrum in real time.
The web-based interface allows the user to perform online analysis (area under peak, fitting, …) and download the spectrum data.
Thanks to the internal circular memory buffer, the new i-Spector Digital module (18mm – CsI ASSEMBLY) is able to store up to 1 hour of output data consisting in voltage, current and sensor temperature samples. The last 1-hour recording can then be downloaded by the web interface.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage

8-13V (12 V typ.)

Power consumption

3W max.

Preamplifier bandwidth


Preamplifier gain


Shaping time

180 ns

Output signal

-4 … +4 V , 170 mA

SiPM area

18×18 mm2

SiPM Manufacturer


SiPM Model


HV Power supply

20-80 V (10mA)

HV accuracy


Thermal feedback accuracy

0.01°C – 1mV

MCA nr. of channels




Working Temperature

-20 … +50°C

Assembly Size

Ø 60 mm (2.40 in.)
h 135 mm (5.32 in.)


500g (17.6 oz.)
with 18x18x30 mm3 CsI crystal

Energy Range

30 keV to 3 MeV

Energy Resolution (FWHM)

<6 % @ 662 keV
(=5.5% with T < 28°C)
< 4.5 % @ 1332 keV

Max input rate

100 kpcs
without resolution degradation

MCA res. @ 100 kpcs





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