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i-Spector PSD

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Intelligent Silicon Photomultiplier Tube for Gamma-Neutron Discrimination


  • All-in-one detector and electronics for Gamma–Neutron Discrimination
  • Based on a SiPM area up to 1″x 1″ and EJ- 276 Plastic Scintillation Crystal (up to 1 x 1 x 1.2 inch3)
  • Realtime Pulse Shape Analysis running onboard
  • PSD performances: FoM ~ 2.50 in 1÷1.5 MeV range and FoM > 1.27 in 200÷300 keV range.
  • 20-80 V Integrated High Voltage for SiPM biasing
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Web-based interface with spectrum analysis tools and PSD scatterplot
  • Tube-like compact form factor : Ø 60 mm, h 135 mm
  • Rad Cloud software for multiple detector networking (FREE TRIAL)


The i-Spector PSD is a compact tube-like neutron detector system based on SiPM, featuring high detection efficiency and wide dynamic range. It is a valuable solution for compact and lightweight instruments for radioactive material identification or environmental measurements.

i-Spector PSD is a solution dedicated to those users that need the versatility of a compact system for neutron/gamma discrimination. Its profile makes it ideal for many portable applications where size, weight and power consumption are important constraints. For example, it is suitable for hand-held instruments for border control against illicit traffic of radioactive material.

i-Spector PSD is based on a SiPM area (12×12 or 24×24 mm2) coupled to a fast neutron-sensitive plastic scintillation crystal (EJ-276). The unit is full-featured with a preamplifier stage, integrated HV for SiPM biasing, a 250 MSps 12-bit ADC and a microcontroller to perform real-time pulse shape analysis. It can be controlled through Ethernet and it provides as output an amplified analog signal, a 4k channels energy spectrum and a PSD scatterplot calculated onboard.

We obtained a Figure of Merit (FoM) for Gamma/Neutron discrimination of 2.50 in the 1÷1.5 MeV energy range.

The i-Spector PSD can be controlled via a user-friendly web-based interface. It is possible to easily configure and monitor the device, view the results of the PSD algorithm on a scatterplot, access the energy spectrum, process it online, perform energy calibration and peaks gaussian fitting.

Multiple i-Spector tubes can be connected and controlled from a single PC. The API interface allows the user to control multiple devices using very simple http requests and JSON vectors. A cloud server (Rad Cloud) allows the user to collect data from multiple i-Spector and display them on maps or interactive tables.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage

8-13V (12 V typ.)

Power consumption

3W max.

Input bandwidth

120 MHz

Output signal

– 4 ÷ +4 V , 170 mA

SiPM area

up to 24×24 mm2 (nearly 1 in2)

SiPM Manufacturer


SiPM Model


HV Power supply

20-80 V (10mA)

HV accuracy

1 mV

Thermal feedback accuracy

0.01°C – 1mV


12-bit, 250MS/s


1÷1.5 MeV –> FoM = 2.50

200÷300 keV –> FoM > 1.27



Working Temperature

-20°C ÷ +50°C

Assembly Size

Ø 60 mm (2.40”) h 135 mm (5.32”)


500g (17.6 oz.)


Compare with i-Spector (ALL).


Ordering Options

Code Description
WS2590AXAAAA S2590A i-Spector PSD 12x12mm – ASSEMBLY   RoHS
WS2590CXAAAA S2590C i-Spector PSD 24x24mm - ASSEMBLY   RoHS


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