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Portable scintillating tile for cosmic rays detection


  • Standalone
  • Fully compatible with SP5620CH Cosmic Hunter
  • Based on SiPM detectors and plastic scintillating tile
  • External trigger system for several laboratory setups
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • No need of SW interface
  • SD card to download data


The Detection System Plus is a user-friendly system for cosmic-ray detection. It can be used as a didactic instrument or as an external trigger system for another experimental setup. The simple design makes it suitable for not only university-level physics labs, but also for high school level physics programs.

The Detection System Plus, SP5622B, is a useful tool for introducing people into the world of modern physics, particle physics, special relativity, etc.
It represents a small didactic and complete device for the explanation of the scientific method to the students by performing cosmic rays experiments.
The SP5622B is based on a plastic scintillating tile coupled to a solid-state Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM), together with all the frontend electronics needed.
This avoids having high voltages, generator, cables, connectors, and offers an additional safety margin for students.
The module management is easily allowed via the selectors and buttons on the front panel. It is equipped with a front display that shows information related to the settings of main parameters and four histograms: charge distribution of the signal, timing distribution of the cosmic rays, cosmic flux rate vs time, and flux distribution per minute. The data can be recorded on a microSD card.


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