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32 Channel 14 bit 125 MS/s Open FPGA Digitizer


  • 32 channels, 14-bit @125 MS/s Desktop Digitizer
  • Single-ended inputs with advanced programmable Front-End
  • Based on powerful Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC with open FPGA
  • Suitable for lab development, prototyping and testing with commonly used Physics detectors (PMTs, Gas Tubes, HPGe, ….)
  • 2 Vpp input dynamic
  • Fully supported by SCI-Compiler for easy FPGA programminge.
  • Configurable digital I/Os to interface with external systems
  • Maximum flexibility: USB3.0, Ethernet, and Optical Link connectivity , to support remote management as well as extreme fast data flow
  • 2.4” touch screen display for quick configuration and status control


The DT5560SE is a Desktop 32 Channels 14-bit 125MS/s Open FPGA Digitizer with Single-Ended inputs, designed to attain programmable data processing capabilities.

The R5560SE is designed as a solution for lab development, prototyping and system testing. It is suitable for a wide variety of experimenst in prototyping phase, especially for the readout of Physics detectors (like PMTs, Segmented HPGe, Gas Tubes, ….) in small setups, where it is important to have a compact system and the possibility to easily change the pulse processing algorithm. The advanced Front-End allows to easily connect and manage most of the detectors commonly used in Physics Experiments.

Thanks to the 32 Single-Ended Channels on LEMO, it allows an easy connection to the detectors and speeds up the development time. The Desktop form factor simplifies the use in laboratories and the Open FPGA allows to easily change the pulse processing algorithm for prototyping purposes.

SCI-Compiler software, the CAEN block-diagram-based firmware generator and compiler, helps in programming the FPGA to develop intensive real-time data processing .

A free and open-source demo readout software is available to manage the standard pulse height analysis firmware implementing energy measurements using a trapezoidal filter.


  • Readout of the following detectors for testing/small experiment purposes:
    • Neutron Detector (3He tubes, position sensing tubes)
    • HPGe, Segmented germanium detector
    • Array/matrix of PMTs
    • Position sensing detectors (for application like gamma camera) with real-time position reconstruction
    • CdTE and CZT detector
    • Neutron scintillator detectors with Gamma Neutron discrimination

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