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Digitizers Input Range Personalizations

Digitizers Input Range Customizations


The x724, 751 and 742 are CAEN Waveform Digitizers able to perform basic waveform recording and run online advanced algorithms (DPP) of pulse height analysis and dynamic acquisition window.

They differ in Input Range:

  • x724 Digitizer Family: 10 Vpp Input Range and 500mVpp Input Range 
  • 751 Digitizer Family: 200 mVpp Input Range 
  • 742 Digitizer Family: 2 Vpp Input Range 


Compare with Digitizers.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WPERS0172401 724 Customization - 10Vpp Input Range, SE   RoHS
WPERS0172402 724 Customization - 500mVpp Input Range, SE   RoHS
WPERS0175102 x751 Customization - 200mVpp Input Range, SE   RoHS
WPERS0174201 x742 Customization - 2Vpp Input Range   RoHS


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