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8 Channel 8 V/250 mA Full Floating Channel Board


  • 8 independently controllable Low Voltage channels
  • 0÷8 V output voltage and 250 mA maximum current (2 W)
  • Individual Floating Channels
  • DB37 connectors
  • Individual remote sense lines
  • Low ripple
  • Under/over-voltage alert, overcurrent and max. voltage protection
  • Interlock logic for unit enable
  • Software Tool for easy channel management


The power supply A2551BA is a single width board (5 TE wide) that houses 8 independent Low Voltage Individual Full Floating channels, compatible with the CAEN Universal Multichannel Power Supply System (SY4527, SY5527). The A2551 is equipped with DB37 connector:

blank DB37 connector

Single width (5 TE wide), 8 channels for Mod. A2551BA


Consult our connectors reference page for technical information.

A2551BA Individual Floating channels allow on-detector grounding, reducing the noise level. The floating channels are insulated from each other up to ±500 V. Each output channel is provided with individual remote sensing lines to compensate for the voltage drop over the connection cables.

The output voltage range is 0 ÷ 8 V, with 0.2 mV monitor resolution (connector and sense voltages). The maximum output current is 250 mA with 10 μA monitor resolution. The Maximum channel power is 2 W. The Output Voltage RAMP UP and RAMP DOWN Times may be selected independently for each channel in 1 ÷ 500 V/s range (1 V/s step).

Safety features allows the module to perform as a current generator and includes:

Overvoltage detection if a channel voltage exceeds the programmed Overvoltage threshold value (OVVThr), it is signaled to be in “overvoltage” and is switched off.
Undervoltage detection if a channel voltage decreases below the programmed undervoltage threshold (UNVThr), it is signaled to be in “undervoltage” and is switched off.
Overcurrent detection if a channel tries to draw a current larger than its programmed limit, it is signalled to be in “overcurrent”; when overcurrent is detected, the relevant channel can be programmed either to turn off after a programmable trip time or to keep on providing the maximum allowed current: this feature allows the module to work as current generator.
A global enable/disable connector allows to disable the channels and it is also possible, via front panel logic signals, to enable individually each channel.

Technical Specifications


1 unit (5 TE) wide; 6U – High mechanics

No. of Channels



Individual Floating (±500V isolation)

Output Voltage

0 ÷ 8V

Max Output Current

250 mA

Max Output Power (connector output)


Vset Resolution

0.2 mV

Iset Resolution

100 µA

Vmon Resolution

0.2 mV

Imon Resolution

10 µA

Ramp Up/Down

1-500V/s (1 V/s step)

Voltage Ripple (10Hz ÷ 20MHz)
  • Typ: <3 mVpp
  • Max: <5 mVpp
  • Vout/Vmon: ± 0.1% ± 20 mV
  • Vset/Vout: ± 0.1% ± 20 mV
  • Iout/Imon: ± 1% ± 250µA
  • Iset/Iout: ± 1% ± 1 mA
Hardware OVV Protection

10.5 V typ


0 to 999.9s; 1000s = Infinite; step 0.1s

Temperature range

0 ÷ 45°C


Compare with Floating Low Voltage Power Supplies.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WA2551BAXAAA A2551BA - individual floating 8 ch 8V/250mA board - DB37 conn.  RoHS


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