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Weeroc chip for analogue and mixed signal ASICs

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Weeroc designs and produces front-end ASICs for the readout of most commonly used particle detectors, suitable for a wide range of applications. Main customers are the major actors in the fields of:

  • • Medical imaging
  • • Homeland security
  • • Nuclear protection
  • • Scientific instrumentation
  • • Space (launchers and satellites)
Product Description Actions
MAROC 3A Photomultiplier tubes read out chip QUOTE
CATIROC 1 Large photomultiplier arrays read out chip QUOTE
SPACIROC 3 Photomultiplier tubes photon counting read out chip QUOTE
CITIROC 1A Scientific instrumentation SiPM read out chip QUOTE
PETIROC 2A SiPM read out for time of flight PET QUOTE
TRIROC 1A All in one SiPM read out for multimodal PET inserts QUOTE
SKIROC 2A PIN Diode and Low Gain Silicium Detector Read-Out Chip QUOTE
HARDROC 3B RPC and gaseous detector semi digital read out chip QUOTE
GEMROC 1 Micromegas and GEMs semi digital read out chip QUOTE