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Multi-Purpose Mixed-Signal SiPM read-out ASIC


  • TRL Technology Readiness Level
  • Detector Read-Out SiPM, SiPM array
  • Number of Channel 64
  • Signal Polarity Positive
  • Sensitivity Trigger on 1/3 photo-electron


Temporoc 2, a 64-channel front-end ASIC, is specifically engineered for reading out silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) in particle time-of-flight (TOF) measurement applications. It features an advanced design that combines a fast, low-jitter trigger mechanism with precise charge and time measurement capabilities. Internally, energy and time are digitized using a 10-bit ADC and a TDC with 50ps bins, respectively. This allows Temporoc 2 to provide dual time tagging and dual energy measurement for each detected event.

The innovative architecture of Temporoc 2 integrates two independent measurement lines that operate without mutual interference, enabling simultaneous measurement of the timing of the first incident photon and the total light charge integration from the crystal. Furthermore, Temporoc 2 supports cluster trigger readouts, enhancing its utility in applications involving monolithic scintillators for particle detection.

To accommodate variations in SiPM performance, Temporoc 2 includes per-channel input DACs for adjusting the SiPM high voltage. This feature facilitates precise tuning of SiPM gain and dark noise at the system level, ensuring uniform response across the array.

With a power consumption of just 10 mW per channel (excluding signal output buffers), Temporoc 2 is an ideal solution for applications requiring both high-accuracy time resolution and detailed energy measurement, such as in time-of-flight gamma detection.

Technical Specifications

Detector Read-Out

SiPM, SiPM array

Signal Polarity



Trigger on 1/3 photo-electron

Timing Resolution

Better than 20 ps RMS on single photo-electron

Dynamic Range

up to 3000 photo-electron @ 106 SiPM gain

Packaging & Dimension

FC-BGA 516 20x20mm (Low-inductance flip chip)

Power Consumption

640 mW – supply voltage 1.2V


64 analogue inputs with independant SiPM HV adjustments

  • Digital output (dual ADC and dual TDC per channel) – selectable transmission mode.
  • 1 multiplexed time trigger output
  • 2 ASIC trigger 0R outputs (64 channels, 2 levels)
Internal Programmable Features
  • 64 HV adjustment for SiPM (64x8bits)
  • time trigger threshold adjustment (10bits)
  • charge measurement tuning
  • ADC Peak Sensing
  • 64 trigger masks
  • channel by channel output enable, trigger latch
  • programmable data output


Compare with Weeroc chip.



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