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Weeroc Testboards


Control Systems for Weeroc ASICs

  • Specific design for each Weeroc ASIC
  • Hosting a small ASIC for easy DAQ management
  • Easy characterization and debug of the ASIC
  • Access to all ASIC’s digital and analog I/Os
  • ASIC internal signals monitor
  • Data acquisition with real detectors
  • Connections for an external High Voltage power supply
  • Mini-USB for data transfer and board power supply
  • Control and acquisition software for Windows OS (LabVIEW interface for TRIROC 1A board)


Weeroc Testboards are compact form factor platforms designed to control and read out Weeroc ASICs. This tool is suited to easily evaluate the characteristics of the ASIC and, thanks to its features, allows a versatile use with real detectors. The testboard provides easy access to all ASIC’s digital and analog I/Os and implements a DAQ system consisting of an Altera Cyclone III FPGA and 12-bit ADCs. The board hosts connections for detectors and the relative High Voltage distribution lines. Moreover, it provides the possibility to inject signals in the ASIC analog inputs using a generator. A dedicated software for each different ASIC is available. It provides a simple GUI to set all the programmable parameters of the ASIC and allows the user to perform calibration and DAQ in an intuitive way. Some firmware options can also be set in order to manage DAQ within an experiment.

Ordering Options

Code Description
WWTBCATIROC1 Testboard for CATIROC 1 chip  
WWTBCITIROC1 Testboard for CITIROC 1A chip  
WWTBCITIROC2 Testboard for CITIROC 2 chip  
WWTBGEMROC1A Testboard for GEMROC 1 chip  
WWTBMAROC3AA Testboard for MAROC 3A chip  
WWTBPETIROC2 Testboard for PETIROC 2A chip  
WWTBPETIROC3 Testboard for PHOTOROC 1A chip  
WWTBPHOTORC1 Testboard for PHOTOROC 1A chip  
WWTBTRIROC1A Testboard for TRIROC 1A chip  
WWTBSKIROC2A Testboard for SKIROC 2A chip