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Scientific instrumentation SiPM read out chip

  • TRL Technology Readiness Level 8 – Full system using ASIC running – learn more
  • Detector Read-Out SiPM, SiPM array
  • Number of Channel 32
  • Signal Polarity Positive


Citiroc 1A is a 32-channel front-end ASIC designed to readout silicon photo-multipliers (SiPM) for scientific instrumentation application.
Citiroc 1A allows triggering down to 1/3 pe and provides the charge measurement with a good noise rejection. Moreover, Citiroc 1A outputs the 32-channel triggers with a high resolution timing (better than 100 ps).
An adjustment of the SiPM high-voltage is possible using a channel-by-channel DAC connected to the ASIC inputs. That allows a fine SiPM gain and dark noise adjustment at the system level to correct for the non-uniformity of SiPMs. CITIROC 1A can be calibrated using a unique calibration signal.
Timing measurement better than 100 ps RMS jitter is measured on single photo-electron along with 1% linearity energy measurement up to 2500 p.e. The power consumption is 225mW/ASIC when all stages are ON.


Compare with Weeroc chip.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WWCITIROC1AB CITIROC 1A - Scientific instrumentation SiPM read out chip - BGA (Ball Grid Array) 
WWCITIROC1AQ CITIROC 1A - Scientific instrumentation SiPM read out chip - QFP (Quad Flat Pack)