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B and Rad tolerant Intermediate Converter

  • EASY6000 DC/DC Power Supply
  • Magnetic field and radiation tolerant
    • Ionizing Radiation (Total Dose) 200 Gy
    • Displacement Damage 5.8·1012 1-MeV Eq. n/cm2
    • Single Event Fluence 1.0·1012 p/cm2 (E > 20 MeV)
    • Magnetic Field 0.5 T
  • 8 positive 10 ÷ 12 V / 16 A channels
  • 300 V DC Input Voltage
  • Vset by trimmer
  • On/Off for each channel
  • Channels individually monitored and protected
  • Interlock capability
  • 48 V Service local and remote on/off
  • Individual floating return
  • Liquid Cooling


The B and Rad tolerant Intermediate Converter (BRIC) is a brand new product of the EASY family built to endure the harsh condition of High Luminosity LHC at CERN.

Its design started in 2016 taking advantage of all the experience CAEN built from the LHC construction and years of operation. A carefully planned test campaign validated all the components up to 200 Gy TID as well as the complete module. This total dose is what is expected to be reached in most of the experimental areas of HL-LHC at the end of 2035.

The magnetic field tests were also performed, and the BRIC 1 has shown efficiencies above 80% up to 0.5 T, not matter the orientation of the field lines with respect of the DC-DC channel and therefore the magnetic coils present on the board.

The BRIC 1 is an insulated DC-DC converter capable of converting low voltage power lines from 300 V to 12 V with a maximum power of 1.5 kW over 8 channels. It has been designed to drive POL DC-DC converters (i.e. the CERN FEAST ASIC) used on present and upcoming detectors and front-end electronics in Big Physics experiments Its compact design and radiation resilience allow an easy installation even close to the dense area near the collider interaction points. The BRIC 1 features a compact liquid cooled plate for heat dissipation and no movable part to work seamlessly inside or outside strong magnetic fields.

The remote control, based on the robust RS-485 communication bus, is performed with a simple command-based protocol which allows the monitoring of output voltages and currents as well the remote on/off of each channel. An INTERLOCK port is also available to shut down the device in case of any safety issue in the experimental area occurs.

The BRIC 1 is the first building block of the new EASY6000 family, the CAEN product line for future HEP hostile environment electronics.

Technical Specifications

N. of channels


Input Voltage

270 ÷ 300 VDC

Output Voltage

10 ÷ 12 VDC, programmable with trimmer

Output Voltage accuracy

1% FS

Maximum Output Current

16 A DC

Abs. Max. Output Current

17 A DC

Vmon Resolution

10 mV

Imon resolution

10 mA

Output Voltage hardware limit (Vmax)

 12.1 VDC

Trip time

~1 s for overcurrent, <0.1 s for overvoltage

Ripple (Differential and Common mode)

< 20 mVpp (0 ÷ 30 MHz) 


Parallel connection of channels possible


Remote ON/OFF for each channel

Conversion efficiency

≥ 80% above 50% full load

Maximum output power

190 W per channel (1.5 kW total)

Ordering Options

Code Description
WE6001XAAAAA EASY BRIC1 - 300Vdc to 12Vdc (8ch x 200W) Converter - Water Cooled