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16+1 ch pos/neg Discriminator for A5203


  • 16 channels + 1 Tref channel adapter for A5203/DT5203
  • LEMO connectors
  • Dual threshold discriminators
  • Analog/NIM/TTL input signals
  • Ideal to test the timing performances of A5203/DT5203 using signals from real detectors
  • Possibility to correct for walk effect


The A5256 is a 16+1 channels adapter for A5203/DT5203 board. It provides dual threshold, leading edge discriminators for analog single-ended signals on LEMO coaxial connectors. It includes ultra-fast comparators with programmable thresholds (DAC) and accepts both positive and negative analog pulses, as well as NIM/TTL logic signals. It features a dedicated connector for Channel 0 to be used as a common time reference (Tref). The dual threshold allows for a better ToT to amplitude conversion and walk correction, as well as pulse shape discrimination.

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Code Description
WA5256XAAAAA A5256 – 16+1 ch pos/neg Discriminator for A5203   RoHS


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