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Modular Electronics Accessories


CAEN offers cable assembly for Clock distribution, Simplex or Duplex Optical Fiber and for Module remotization.


FERS-5200 Adapters

The Mod. A5250, A5251, A5253, A5255 and A5256 are a complete collection of adapters for FERS-5200.

Fixed Attenuators

The Mod. A309, A312, A311, A312 and A313 are simple devices that provides a fixed attenuation (1, 3, 6, 12 and 20 dB respectively).


General Adapters

A complete CAEN collection of adapters for Clock signal, Cable assembly LEMO and Patch panels.

MCA Filter

The Mod. A386 and A387 are BNC-to-BNC cable for the high-frequency noise reduction and signal quality improvement feeding the inputs of CAEN MCAs.

Patch Panels

A complete CAEN collection of patch panels adapt 32/64 LEMO connectors to ERNI connector.

Piggy Back Boards

The channel interface of V2495 (V1495) and DT5495 can be freely expanded by adding up to three independent piggyback boards.


The Mod. A315 splits one input on two output signals. All the connectors are LEMO female type.


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