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OnSemi (ex SensL) MPPC header adapter for A5202/DT5202


  • Adapts to a couple of Samtec QSE−040−01−F−D−A connectors
  • Compatible with OnSemi (ex SensL) SiPM matrix ARRAYJ-60035-64P-PCB and ARRAYC-60035-64P-PCB
  • Dedicated side connector Samtec QSE−040−01−F−D−A for fast output of SiPMs
  • Equipped with a TMP37 temperature readout sensor
  • Dark plastic box included
  • Matches with all 5202 form factors (A5202/DT5202)


The A5254 adapter is compliant with A5202/DT5202 boards. It mechanically adapts from the input edge card connector (type HSEC8‐170) to a couple of Samtec QSE−040−01−F−D−A connectors. The adapter is suited for biasing and reading out an 8×8 OnSemi (ex SensL) ARRAYJ-60035-64P-PCB or ARRAYC-60035-64P-PCB SiPM matrix. Morover, this adapter provides access to the individual fast output of the 64 SiPMs cells on a side Samtec QSE−040−01−F−D−A connector. The A5254 is also equipped with a TMP37 temperature sensor. A dark plastic box is also included in the delivered kit, which is ideal for shielding environmental light and pulsing the matrix via the fiber optic connector placed on top of it.


Compare with Fers Adapters.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WA5254FSAXAA A5254 – SensL ArrayJ Adapter for A5202/DT5202   RoHS
WA5255XAAAAA A5255 – Quad 17x4 Header Adapter   RoHS


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