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8 Channel ± 2.5 kV/500 µA 4 Quadrant Bipolar Board


  • Four-quadrant bipolar power supply
  • ± 2.5 kV @ ± 0.5 mA output ratings
  • Common floating return
  • SHV connectors
  • Voltage ripple of < 20 mVpp
  • Internal Hardware protections
  • Excellent long-term output stability
  • External interlocks (active + passive)


The A1589 board contains 8 independent channels providing high-voltage through SHV connectors; it is compatible with the CAEN Universal Multichannel Power Supply System (SY1527, SY2527, SY3527, SY4527, SY5527).

All channels are differential and can operate in the so called four-quadrant regimes supplying or operating as resistive load. It can provide, with an excellent long term output stability, a maximum voltage of ±2.5 kV and a maximum current of ±500 µA. It ensures a voltage stability within 10 mVpp, with 100 mV setting resolution. Moreover, the channels share a common floating return, which allows on-detector grounding reducing the noise level; the floating return is insulated from the crate earth up to ±50 V (with a 65V hardware limit).

The board is provided with both current and voltage protections.

If a channel tries to draw a current larger than its programmed limit it is signalled to be in Overcurrent  condition; the power supply system detects this state as a fault and reacts according to the setting of the TRIP parameter, namely:
TRIP = 1000 s: when the set output current value is reached the channel behaves like a constant current generator.
TRIP < 1000 s: the output current keeps the set value only for programmed time interval and then is switched off.

The maximum output voltage can be set through a potentiometer to a value which is common to all channels and can be read out via software. Channels can be enabled or disabled through the Interlock logic. The HV Ramp-up and Ramp-down rates may be selected independently for each channel in the 1 ÷ 500 V/s range (1 V/s step).

Technical Specifications



Max Output V (kV)


Max Output I (mA)


Vset Resolution (mV)


Imon Resolution


Ripple Typ. (mVpp)

< 20

Max Power per Channel (W)


# of channels


Ordering Options

Code Description
WA1589XAAAAA A1589 - SYx527 4 Quadrant Bipolar 8 HV Ch's ±2.5kV/500µA - SHV Comm  RoHS