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16/14 Channel 1-1.3kV (1 - 3 mA) Individual Floating Channel Dual Range Boards for Quadruple and Triple GEM detectors


  • 14/16 independently controllable High Voltage channels
  • 1 kV and 1.3 kV output voltages
  • Dual range current:
    • High Power: 1 mA  or 3 mA (1 nA or 4 nA Current monitor resolution)
    • High Resolution: 100µA or 300 µA (100 or 400 pA Current monitor resolution)
  • Zero current function
  • Radiall 52 pin or Redel 51 pin connectors (see Ordering Options)
  • Individual Floating Channel (insulated up to 5 kV)
  • Designed specifically for GEM detectors
  • Low ripple
  • Under/over-voltage alert, overcurrent and max. voltage protection
  • Interlock logic for unit enable
  • Software Tool for easy channel management


The A1515B family are single width boards (5 TE wide) that house 14 or 16 (see Ordering Options) independent, full floating high voltage individual channels. Which are perfectly suited for GEM detectors.

All versions are equipped with Radiall Multipin connectors.

blank Radiall 52 pin connector

Single width (5 TE wide), 14 channels (A1515BC, A1515BTG) or 16 channels (A1515BQGA, A1515BV, A1515B, A1515BVR)

Consult our connectors reference page for technical information.

The following table shows the available models:

Model A1515BTG A1515BQG A1515BCG A1515BTGHP A1515BV A1515B
Max Output V(kV) 1 1 1.3 (2 ch) – 1 (12 ch) 1 (8 ch) – 0.6 (6 ch) 1.4 1
Max Output I (mA) 1/0.1 1/0.1 1/0.1 0.6 kV: 3/0.3 (1.5 W max)
1 kV : 1/0.1
1/0.1 1/0.1
# of ch 14 16 14 14 16 16
Features For Triple GEM chambers For Quadruple GEM chambers For Triple Cylindrical GEM chambers For Triple GEM chambers (high rate) Non Stacked channels

The channels have floating return, independent one from another, insulated up to 5 kV (Full Floating channel). The output voltage range is 0 ÷ 1 kV or 0 ÷ 1.3 kV with 20 mV set and monitor resolution.

The output channels offer dual current ranges (software selectable)

For A1515BTG/A1515BQG/A1515BCG/B:

High Power 0 ÷ 1 mA I set resolution: 20 nA I mon resolution: 1 nA Max. power: 0.7 W
High Resolution: 0 ÷ 100 µA I set resolution: 20 nA I mon resolution: 100 pA

For A1515BTGHP:

High Power 0 ÷ 3 mA I set resolution: 50 nA I mon resolution: 4 nA Max. power: 1.5 W
High Resolution: 0 ÷ 300 µA I set resolution: 50 nA I mon resolution: 400 pA

For A1515BV:

High Power 0 ÷ 1 mA I set resolution: 20 nA I mon resolution: 1 nA Max. power: 1 W
High Resolution: 0 ÷ 100 µA I set resolution: 20 nA I mon resolution: 100 pA

Independently programmable for each channel:

Output voltage: 0 ÷ 1/1.4 kV step: 50 mV
Current limit (Iset):
  • 0 ÷ 1 mA/100 µA
  • 0 ÷ 3 mA/300 µA
  • step: 20 nA
  • step: 50 nA
HV Ramp up/down: 1 ÷ 100 V/sec step: 1 V/sec
TRIP parameter: 0 ÷ 999.9 s; 1000 s = Infinite step: 0.1 s

Five special version of the board (A1515BVTG/BQG/BCG/BTGHP/BV) have been designed specifically for Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) detectors (Triple, Triple designed for high rate, Quadruple, Cylindrical GEM detectors and Vertex detectors). These boards have the channels internally stacked in order to power up 2 independent Triple GEM / Quadruple GEM / Triple Cylindrical GEM chambers. This configuration permits to avoid any possible issue related to the detector discharge and avalanche effects and gives the possibility to fine tune the voltage on each detector layer easily.

A CAEN SY4527 mainframe equipped with 16 boards can power 32 detectors and the high maximum current available on each channel allows managing the high segmentation of these detectors in the best way. The high max current per channel feature designed into these boards is beneficial for managing the high segmentation of GEM detectors, as it will allow discrete detector layers to perform even in the event of a short. In addition, the 2-quadrant 100 µA low current range allows a 100 pA current monitoring resolution which allows the monitoring of ion backflow currents and also to perform real-time detector diagnostics.

In the GEM dedicated version of the A1515B in the overcurrent condition causes the following actions:

  • A1515B or A1515BTG/QG/CG/TGHP/V (not in GEM-mode): the channel is switched off. Output voltage will drop to zero at Ramp-down rate. If TRIP is set to “constant current mode”, the channel behaves like a current generator.
  • A1515BTG/QG/CG/TGHP/V (in GEM-mode): all stacked channels are switched off, following a programmed sequence. Output voltages will drop to zero at Ramp-down rates. If TRIP is set to “constant current mode”, the channel behaves like a current generator. The channels can be enabled or disabled through the Interlock logic. The voltage ramp rates may be set independently for each channel.

Moreover, the following accessories are available: Mate cable connector (Mod. A996) and relevant insertion/extraction tool (Mod. A995).

Technical Specifications

No. of Channels

16 or 14 (Floating Return) A1515BTG, A1515BQG, A1515BCG, A1515BTGHP: channel are grouped in two “complex” channels

Output Voltage
  • 0÷1 kV
  • 0÷1.3 kV (for 2 channels of A1515BCG)
  • 0÷1.4 kV (x A1515BV)

Floating 5 kV

Max. Output Current
  • A1515B – A1515BTG – A1515BQG – A1515BCG: 1 mA (700 mW)
  • A1515BTGHP: 3 mA on 600 V channels
  • A1515BV: 1.4 kV / 1 mA / 1 W
Voltage Set Resolution

20 mV

Voltage Monitor Resolution

20 mV

Current Set Resolution

20 nA

Current Monitor Resolution
High Power: 1 nA A1515B – A1515BTG – A1515BQG – A1515BCG – A1515BV
4 nA A1515BTGHP
High Resolution: 100 pA A1515B – A1515BTG – A1515BQG – A1515BCG – A1515BV
400 nA A1515BTGHP

VMAX software

0÷1 kV or 0÷1.3 kV (A1515BCG), settable for each channel or 0÷1.4 kV (x A1515BV)

VMAX software resolution

1 V

Ramp Up/Down

1÷100 Volt/sec, 1 Volt/sec step, settable for each channel


Max. time an “overcurrent” is allowed to last (seconds); common to all channels in a “complex channel”. A channel in “overcurrent” works as a current generator; output voltage varies in order to keep the output current lower than the programmed value. “Overcurrent” lasting more than set value, causes the channel to “trip”. Output voltage will drop to zero at the Ramp-down rate; in this case the channel is put in the off state.

If trip= INFINITE, “overcurrent” lasts indefinitely. TRIP range: 0 ÷ 999.9 s; 1000 s = Infinite. Step = 0.1 s

Voltage Ripple
  • Differential mode: typical < 5 mV; max 10 mV
  • Common mode: typical < 10 mV; max 15 mV
Voltage Monitor vs. Output Voltage Accuracy

0.2% ± 0.2V ± 50 ppm/°C

Voltage Set vs. Output Voltage Accuracy

0.2% ± 0.2V ± 50 ppm/°C

Imon det vs Output current accuracy
  • 0.5% ±5 nA ±50 ppm/°C with output current from 10% to 100% f.s. and constant voltage
  • 2% ±5 nA ±50 ppm/°C with output current up to 10% f.s. and constant voltage
Imon real vs Current set Accuracy

2% ±100 nA

Power consumption
  • 90 W full power for A1515B (16 Ch)
  • 80 W standby consumer
Maximum output power
  • A1515BTG/A1515BQG/A1515BCG: 700 mW per channel
  • A1515BTGHP: 1.5 W per 600 V channel
  • A1515BV: 1W (1000 V/1 mA)


16/14 Channel 1-1.3kV (1 - 3 mA) Individual Floating Channel Dual Range Boards for Quadruple and Triple GEM detectors
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Safety Information and Product Support Service (ENG/ITA) PDF 1.85 MB - March 13th, 2024




Release Notes: 



Compare with High Voltage Power Supply.



Insertion/extraction tool for A996
52 pin cable connector
14/16 Stacked Channel Multipin Radiall to SHV connector Adapter for A1515TG/A1515QG
16 Floating Channel Multipin Radiall to SHV connector Adapter for A1515 board

Ordering Options

Code Description
WA1515BTGXAA A1515BTG - 14 Channel Floating 1kV, 1mA Board for Triple GEM detectors  RoHS
WA1515BCGXAA A1515BCG - 14 Channel Floating 1.3kV/1kV, 1mA Board for Cylindrical GEM detectors  RoHS
WA1515BQGAXA A1515BQGA - 16 Channel Floating 1kV,1mA Board for ALICE-TPC GEM, REDEL Conn.  RoHS
WA1515BQGXAA A1515BQG - 16 Channel Floating 1kV, 1mA Board for Quadruple GEM detectors  RoHS
WA1515BTGHPX A1515BTGHP - 14 Channel Floating 1kV, 3mA Board (1,5W max) for Triple GEM detectors  RoHS
WA1515BVXAAA A1515BV - 16 Channel Floating 1.4kV, 1mA Board for Vertex detectors  RoHS
WA1515BXAAAA A1515B - 16 Channel Floating 1kV, 1mA Board   RoHS
WA1515BVXAAR A1515BVR - 16 Channel Floating 1.4kV, 1mA Board for Vertex detectors (Redel Conn)  RoHS


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