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Low Noise Fast Rise Time Charge Sensitive Preamplifier


  • Fast, low noise inverting preamplifier
  • Gain 5 mV/MeV (Si equivalent)
  • Positive or negative input signals
  • 8 input channels
  • Up to 200 pF detector capacitance supported
  • Up to 2000 V (positive or negative) detector bias voltage
  • Low noise input stage composed JFETs diode protected


The CAEN Mod.A1422C/D is a 5 mV/MeV 8-channel preamplifier implemented into an alloy box and features SHV connectors for the DET/IN and HV/IN signals, 2 RJ45 for the differential outputs, LEMO connectors for the TEST IN and COM OUT and a cable with a D-type 9 pin male connector for the power supply. The module accepts both positive and negative input charge pulses and provide a differential output of ±5V max on 1 kΩ termination, and ±2.5V on 100 Ω back termination. A test input accepts positive and negative signals for calibration purposes. Moreover the sum of the 8 energy outputs, with 1 µs decay time, is available on the COM OUT output.

A customization is available to improve amplifier protection from transients at detector input connection.

Technical Specifications

No. of Channels

A1422CDxxx: 8-channels

  • Alloy Box;
  • Dimensions WxHxD connector included: 100.0 x 50.0 x 162 mm3
Charge Sensitivity

5 mV/MeV (Si)

Recommended Range of Input Capacitance

F2: up to 200 pF

Output Linear Range
  • ±5 V 1 kΩ termination
  • ±2.5 V 100 Ω termination
COM Output Linear Range

±5 V 50 Ω termination

Open Loop Gain

5 mV/Mev (F2 )  >1*10 5

E2CRP Maximum energy-squared count-rate product

E2CRP:  1.57*1010 MeV2/s

Energy Sensitivity

5 mV/MeV (Si)

Decay Time

5 mV/MeV(Si) 50µs

Integral non Linearity

<± 0.05% (0 ÷ ±10 V 1 kΩ termination)

Temperature Instability

< ±100 ppm/°C (0 to 50°C)

Noise FWHM keV (Si)
  • Model: F2 -5V/MeV
  • Detector 0 pF: < 4.7 ns
  • Capacitance 200 pF: < 7.6
Rise Time
  • Model: F2 -5V/MeV
  • Detector 0pF: < 5
  • Capacitance 200 pF: <15
Detector Bias Voltage

±2000 V max


Compare with Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WA1422CD05F2 A1422CD05F2 - 8 Ch. Charge Preamplifier, 5mV/MeVgain, Cdet<200pF with differential outpus  RoHS


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