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PSI & CAEN DPP Workshop

22/3/2011 >> PSI & CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusion
Paul Scherrer Institute - March 15, 2011

PSI & CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusion


The Workshop, organized from PSI together with CAEN and X-TRONIX, was held on march 15, 2011 at Paul Scherrer Institute.

The purpose of Workshop was to present the basic principle of operation of a waveform digitizer with DPP capabilities and how it can be used for physics applications. Dr. Ritt of PSI (Muon Physics Group of Particle Physics) gave a very interesting presentation of the DRS4 chip's specificities and merits. This chip is used on the new CAEN V1742 board (32+2 channels) as well as on the desktop version, DT5742 (16+1 channels).

CAEN and X-TRONIX take the opportunity to thank again who took part in this event and made it possible.

CAEN and X-TRONIX would like to thank Dr. Robert Scheuermann and Dr. Stefan Ritt for assisting us organize this very interesting meeting at PSI.

Partecipant List
Alex Amato - PSI
Alex Brown - Diamond Detectors
Alexey Stoykov - PSI
Alireza Ehtesham - Bern University
Andre Zibell - LMU Muenchen
Angela Papa - PSI
Armin Kolb - Uni Tübingen
Basil Schneider - Uni Bern
Beat Meier - PSI
Bernhard Lauss - PSI
Chih-chieh Liu - Uni Tübingen
Christoph Scheidiger - PSI
Daniel Stricker-shaver - Uni Tübingen
David Murer - ETHZ
Eric Roesgen - JRC-ISPRA
Franz Kottmann - ETHZ
Gerd Theidel - PSI
Gregory Perret - PSI
Hannes Friederich - ETHZ -Intstitute for Particle Physics
Huagen Xu - IKP, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Jean-michel Crochemore - European Commission
Jens Röder - Institut für Physikalische Chemie, RWTH-Aachen

Jose Rodriguez Alvarez - PSI
Kamil Sedlak - PSI
Leonard Goeltl - PSI
Lionel Schebacher - PSI
Luis Fernandes - University of Coimbra
Marc Schumann - Physik Institut, University of Zurich
Marco Cortesi - PSI
Max Döbeli - ETHZ
Md. Mosaddek Hossain - Lab for Preclinical Imaging & Imaging Technology
Nick Schlumpf - PSI
Oleg Kiselev - PSI
Peter Friedli - PSI
Rayk Nachtigall - University of Hamburg
Razvan Gornea - Bern University
Robert Scheuermann - PSI
Roberto Dinapoli - PSI
Rudolf Dölling - PSI
Stefan Ritt - PSI
Stefan Scherrer - PSI
Thomas Prokscha - PSI
Ueli Hartmann - PSI
Wilhelm Bertl - PSI

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