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Muon X Collaboration – High performance Muography solutions

CAEN S.p.A., a leading provider of power supply and data acquisition systems, has announced a new collaboration with Muon X, a startup founded in 2022 through a partnership between a spin-off of the University Federico II of Naples, Tecno In S.p.a, and the consortium Stress Scarl. Muon X has emerged as an innovative entity, leveraging cutting-edge knowledge and technologies developed over decades of particle physics research.

Muon X specializes in Muon Tomography, an advanced imaging technique capable of investigating the subsurface or interiors of large opaque bodies that are inaccessible using traditional methods such as X-rays or gamma rays.


By harnessing the innovative technology of Muon Tomography, Muon X offers an alternative or complementary approach to traditional geological prospecting methods. Through the detection of cosmic muons, they can identify cavities, determine the presence of aquifers or mineral deposits, measure subsurface density distributions, and study various industrial and civil structures.

By conducting repeated measurements in different positions using the same detector or a network of detectors, Muon X is able to obtain 3D information, opening up new possibilities for non-invasive subsurface exploration and analysis.

The collaboration between CAEN S.p.A. and Muon X promises to advance the application of Muon Muon Tomography in various fields, offering valuable insights and solutions for nuclear applications, geologists, engineers and researchers worldwide. This partnership represents a significant step towards furthering the capabilities of innovative imaging technologies and their practical applications in real-world scenarios.

Muon X website https://www.muonx.com


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