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RADHAND 600 @ World Nuclear Exhibition 2023

CAEN SyS recently participated in the prestigious World Nuclear Exhibition 2023, highlighting their cutting-edge RADHAND 600 radiation detector. This high-profile event, held in Paris, gathered industry experts, policymakers, and technology innovators from around the globe, focusing on the latest advancements in nuclear technology.

The RADHAND 600, CAEN SyS’s latest innovation in radiation detection, garnered significant attention at the conference. Designed for versatility and precision, this portable device offers a new level of efficiency and safety in radiation monitoring. Its compact size, combined with advanced detection capabilities, makes it an ideal tool for professionals in various fields, including waste characterization, D&D operations and nuclear facility management.

During the event we showed the RADHAND 600 integrated with a UGV engineered by Sigma Ingegneria.


CAEN SyS’s participation in the World Nuclear Exhibition underscores their commitment to advancing nuclear safety and technology. The event offered a unique platform for the company to engage with industry leaders and explore potential collaborations.

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