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Spectroscopy radiation measurement and UHF RFID tagging


  • Spectroscopic radiation measurement and UHF RFID tagging combined in a single instrument
  • High dose rate capability with a single detector
  • Rugged IP65 rated case
  • Embedded UHF RFID reader for storage of information in selected rad tolerant UHF RFID tags
  • Embedded 1D-2D barcode scanner for backward compatibility with previous tagging systems
  • Embedded camera and voice notes for unambiguous description of the measured item


RadHAND 600 PRO is a novel handheld instrument able to combine, for the first time, state-of-the-art spectroscopic radiation measurements with scintillation detectors and UHF RFID technology for easy tracking of the measured items.

RadHAND 600 PRO helps the operator to fully characterize and track objects, surfaces, radioactive waste and any type of item that could be produced and measured in Decommissioning & Dismantling activities or in Nuclear Power Plants environment.

Being part of the CAENSYS DigiWaste platform, the device inserts measured data and sample information into a central database and, at the same time, write the main information in the memory of selected rad tolerant RFID tags that are part the CAENSYS RadRFID family.

Operators can access the central management database both locally with CAENSYS RadREAD devices or remotely via dedicated web service at any time.

A suite of additional external probes able to be controlled by RadHAND 600 PRO via USB will also be available.


Waste Digitization

  • Dose Rate meter
  • Identification of radioactive sources, contaminated objects and hotspots for waste analysis and radioprotection in dismantling and decommissioning applications
  • Possibility for quantitative analysis in predefined geometries
  • UHF RFID tagging of the measured items and storage of most sensitive data in RFID tag
  • Full description of measured items and transmission of data to remote database

Waste Storage

  • Survey and tracking of waste until final disposal

Radiological Mapping

  • Combination of radiometric measurements and GPS information for geo-referenced mapping

Radioprotection patrols

  • Periodic control of spots and check points and update of measurements

Nuclear transportation

  •  Measurement and tracking of medical and industrial radioactive items from production site to end user

Large Surface Measurement

  • Characterization of large surfaces and deployment of RFID tags according to user defined surface meshing

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