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WMG REACh™ Detector System: a new radwaste characterization system

A game-changing technology is now available for the nuclear industry!

CAEN is very proud to announce that WMG Inc, its technology partner in the USA, with over 40 years of experience in nuclear waste management and characterization, has announced the integration of the DigiWASTE platform to perform characterization and classification measurements on LLRW radwaste packages thanks in part to the digitization of data directly in the field.

The REACh™ Detector System is a WMG Inc. solution which represents a step change in how low-level nuclear waste is characterized and classified. The system integrates the RadHAND and DigiWASTE platform, developed by CAEN SyS Spectroscopy division, which identifies the predominant gamma emitting radionuclides in waste packages, as well as perform tasks without the need for a Subject Matter Expert to review spectra. The REACh™ Detector System is divided into two-parts (hardware and software): the RadHAND, named the REACh™ Detector, uses a 2” x 2” NaI(Tl) crystal inside its detector housing, and a web interface which provides users a unique platform to handle all their REACh™ Detector measurements. The REACh™ Software has been developed to import the automated radionuclide information from the detector to allow users to easily characterize and classify radwaste packages, as well as perform baseline and outgoing surveys on items and equipment for free release determination.

The REACh™ Detector System has been successfully evaluated in several in field measurement campaigns. The successful completion of the field testing is broken down into radionuclide identification, spectra acquisition comparisons, and final characterization results. The results between the REACh™ Detector System and an HPGe based system supply comparisons for each package type that was analysed. For example, the final characterization for the 55-gallon drums is supplied for the aggregate of all the 55-gallon drums which were measured. The REACh™ results were compared to the HPGe acquired gamma spectra showing that the total gamma activity was within 10 %. The REACh™ characterization results were over 20% lower on the average than the waste generator results!

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