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Product Support Policy

CAEN provides hardware and software/firmware support for all catalog products (click to see the complete list).

For products not included in the above list, CAEN supplies the best support to repair the hardware and solve firmware/software problems, but can not guarantee the maintenance service due to components obsolescence or not compatibility with current or future PC platforms. These products are defined Obsolete.

For these products please contact CAEN maintenance service.

Product Obsolescence Policy

CAEN policy is to provide (on CAEN web site) a Planned Obsolescence Notices. In these Notices will be showed:
  • List of CAEN models that will become obsolete in the next 2 years (Discontinued Models)
  • Obsolescence plan that shows for each models:
    • Product Discontinuation Announcement Date: called PDD (Product Discontinuation Date)
    • Date of last order acceptance: called LTB (Last Time Buy)
    • Date of last CAEN shipments: called LTD (Last Time Delivery)
    • Replacement Models

CAEN will accept orders until LTB (Orders acceptance will be based on inventory availability).

CAEN will not accept orders after LTB unless CAEN have excess inventory available.

Discontinued Models are not guaranteed to work with revisions of software/firmware of CAEN controllers provided after PDD.

After LTD the module is declared Obsolete.