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CAEN code of conduct

CAEN, which mainly operates in the research and high technology market with key international partners both from the public and private sector, wishes to strengthen its role, image, resources and skills to establish, with determination and firmness, the reliability and respectability of the company, achieving a worldwide recognition of its historical ethical and fair business practices.

CAEN has therefore adopted a Code of Conduct to develop, implement and promote the company social responsibilities according to the framework outlined by the European Union and by the Italian legislation.

CAEN Code of Conduct is based on a set of values deeply rooted in our business culture, such as integrity, honesty, loyalty, solidarity, transparency and competence, hence valid in the economic, legal and ethical field.

CAEN has therefore decided to adopt a responsible conduct and promote it to those working in, with and for the Company. It has based its conduct on commonly agreed cultural principles and common laws.

CAEN code of conduct is available in English language. Può essere richiesto in italiano scrivendoci dal form di contatto.


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