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Desktop +85 V/10 mA Digital Controlled SiPM Power Supply with USB


  • USB interface & power supply
  • Output voltage: 20÷85V with 1 mV/step
  • LEMO 00 output connector
  • Hight output current: up to 10mA, suited for large SiPM matrix
  • Programmable temperature compensation
  • 3.5mm audio socket for temperature probe input
  • Ultra low ripple on output signal: 0.1 mVpp
  • Accurate voltage and current monitor: 10mV / 60nA
  • Free ZEUS Windows software to control multiple modules
  • Compact enclosure


The DT7585P is a high voltage regulator specifically designed for SiPM bias. It has a built in temperature compensation controller with programmable coefficient (3.5mm audio socket for temperature probe input). The module is supplied and controlled via USB. The unit can provide up to 10 mA and the output voltage could be regulated between 20V and 85V with a resolution of 1mV on a LEMO 00 connector. Moreover, the ZEUS control software is provided for free; ZEUS allows to monitor and control multiple modules at same time.

Zeus Software
ZEUS is a Windows compatible software that allows to control multiple DT5485P modules using USB connection. The software is based on a user friendly GUI that allows the parameters configuration and the data logging on fle. It integrates real-time plot capabilities (voltage, current and temperature) with the possibility to superimpose measurements from several modules.
ZEUS software is the simplest way to program temperature LUT compensation.

The Unit is developed in close collaboration with NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS SRL.

Technical Specifications


Shielded box; 84x76x22mm3; 401g

Maximum Power Consumption

5 W

Temperature Range (no load)

-20 ÷ +80 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 ÷ +120 °C

Output Voltage

20 ÷ 85 V

Output Current

10 mA max.

Output Voltage Ripple

0.1 mVp-p typ.

Settling Precision

± 20 mV

Settling Resolution

1.2 mV

Temperature Stability

25 ± 10 °C mV/°C

Output Impedance

10 Ohm


Compare with Desktop High Voltage Power Supplies.


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WDT5485XPAAA DT5485P - Digital Controlled Power Supply for SiPM +85V 10mA