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Sensor Holder with SiPM


  • Size 20 mm (diameter) x 6 mm (height)
  • Analog Out Connector RADIALL: R1183425000 (MCX MALE)
  • Bias Connector M22-714054 female Vertical Socket
  • Embedded Hamamatsu MPPC S13360-1350CS:
  • 1.3 x 1.3 mm² Active Area
  • 667 Number of pixel
  • 50 µm Pixel Pitch


The SP5650C is a sensor holder provided in the Educational Photon kit. The holder hosts a 1.3 x 1.3 mm² Silicon Photo-Multipliers; moreover, a probe inside the holders senses temperature variations, thus allowing the user to compensate for possible gain instability. The SP5650C is made of a mechanical structure providing a FC fiber connector and PCB where the SiPM is soldered. Bias voltage for the SiPM and temperature probe output are provided through a 10 pin female socket, while the analog output connector is MCX.


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Code Description
WSP5650XCAAA SP5650C - Sensor Holder for SP5600 with HAMAMATSU 1.3x1.3mm  RoHS


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