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Preamplifier Unit for He3 Tubes 


  • Specifically designed for neutron detectors as 3He in position sensitive application
  • 19” rack unit (height = 2U)
  • External HV input on SHV connector
    (feeding the internal decoupling circuits)
  • Detector inputs on SHV connectors
  • Test input on BNC (1 pF charge injection capacitors)
  • Total gain 2.25 V/pc
  • Rate capability: >100kHz per tube
  • Differential outputs on RJ45 connectors
  • Three available versions:
    • 32 channels – R1443A
    • 64 channels – R1443B
    • 32 channels with 16 independent HV inputs (1 per tube) – R1443C
  • Full position-sensitive 3He acquisition system in combination with R5560 digitizer
  • 240 or 100 Vac, 50-60 Hz input available


R1443 is a 32/64 channels Charge Sensitive Preamplifier in a 19ʺ rack unit. It has been developed in collaboration with Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble, France, and it is specifically designed for operating with neutron detectors as 3He or BF3 tubes. Given the number of input channels, it can handle up to 16/32 position-sensitive tubes, each tube having two outputs, one for each end. The pre-amplifier has an exponential time constant of 1 µs. This guarantees excellent performances even at high rates exceeding 100 kcps. The output of this preamplifier is typically readout by ADC and Digital Pulse Processing electronics in order to perform specific filtering to achieve the best charge, timing and axial position measurements. The R1443 is 120/230 V 50/60 Hz AC Powered.

Technical Specifications

  • Form Factor: enclosure 19” rack-mount (height: 2U; d: 360mm)
  • Weight 8.8 kg (R1443C)
Power consumption
  • Voltage range: 120 or 230 Vac
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Max Power: 2.5 W (32-ch version)
Detector input

Accepts positive and negative input charge pulses from  detectors and supplies the HV bias to the detector itself;

  • Input connector: SHV
  • AC coupled – 22 MΩ to VBIAS
  • Positive or Negative Charge Input polarity
  • ESD protected input
HV In (Detector Bias)
  • Bias connector: SHV
  • HV BIAS input/ Detector bias voltage ±2000 VMax
    • R1443A: HV IN
    • R1143B: HV IN  Section A  HV IN  Section B
    • R1443C: HV IN [0..15] HV IN [i] Bias DETECTOR IN [2i, 2i+1]
  • 2 input, one for even and one for odd channels
  • Ctest: 1 pF
  • 50 Ω Impedance
  • 2 BNC connector (per Section)
    • A/B for A1422B (32-ch.)
    • A/B for A1442A (16-ch.) two inputs are wire connected
Preamplifier (Analog Out)

Preamplifier (Analog Out)

  • Charge sensitive preamplifier
  • Charge range ± 0.8 pC
  • Sensitivity: 2.25 V/pC (preamp = 1 V/pC + 2nd gain stage = 2.25 V/V, customizable)
  • Cross talk < 1%
  • Resolution: ~20 keV (with a FSR of 36 MeV) measured with a 2745 digitizer with DPP-PHA FW with trapezoidal filter parameters:
    • Rise Time = 2 us
    • Flat Top = 0.6 us
    • Tau = 0.95 us
  • Output signal rise time: <20ns
  • Output signal decay time: 1µs
  • Input residual Noise: about 0.8 fC (5000 e)
  • Max output amplitude: 4 V differential on 100 Ω termination
  • Outputs on RJ45 connectors

Indoor use

  • Operating Humidity: 10% ± 90% RH non condensing
  • Storage Humidity: 5% ± 90% RH non condensing
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Altitude: <2000 m
  • Overvoltage Category: II
  • EMC Environmental Commercial
  • Operating Temperature range: 0°C +50°C
  • Storage Temperature range: -10°C +80°C


HV Cables
High Voltage Cable Assemblies
Inhibit - Kill Signal BNC Adapter for HV Power Supply Modules

Ordering Options

Code Description
WR1443XAAAAA R1443A 32 channels Preamplifier unit for He3 tubes   RoHS
WR1443XBAAAA R1443B 64 channels Preamplifier unit for He3 tubes   RoHS
WR1443XCAAAA R1443C 32 channel Preamplifier unit for He3 tubes with independent HV  RoHS


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