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Unattended Dual Current Monitor


  • Include two independent current monitoring channels
  • Current monitoring in the range from 50 fA to 800 uA
  • Include two high voltage power supply outputs
  • High voltage adjustable between 0 and 1000 V, with 1.5 mA supplied current
  • TTL outputs for current measurement through external monitors
  • Associate all data with a time stamp
  • Monitor, generate and store state of health information
  • Web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Dual SD for failure protection


The CAEN Mod.DT7790 is a Desktop Dual Current Monitor for Nuclear Safeguards applications such as ion chamber gamma monitoring. The DT7790 has two independent inputs detecting currents in three user-selectable ranges that span from -100 fA to -800 μA. Data can be retrieved via an Ethernet connection or by monitoring the frequency of the TTL pulse stream on dedicated SMA connectors. In this way, the DT7790 can simplify instrumentation needs by enabling the use of a simple pulse counter for both neutron and gamma measurements. For added reliability, data are stored on dual redundant micro-SD cards and automatically downloaded onto a USB flash drive. The UDCM also features a programmable negative High Voltage (HV) power supply providing detector bias voltage from 0 to -1 kV.

The DT7790 is compliant with IAEA RAINSTORM and it is equipped with a redundant operating system (OS), backup data storage, state of system health information as well as temperature, humidity and power monitors for tracking conditions in a variety of operating environments.

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WDT7790XAAAA DT7790 - Unattended Current Monitor Module (UCM1)   RoHS


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