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USB 3.0 to CONET Adapter


  • CAEN USB 3.0 to CONET adapter
  • 1 Link available
  • CONET2 CAEN Proprietary Optical link Compatible
  • Up to 8 CAEN CONET2-compliant Optical slave cards (CAEN VME Bridges or Waveform Digitizer) controlled by a single A4818
  • API/Drivers for:
    • Linux (kernel 5.04 on)
    • Windows 10 OS and higher


The A4818 is a CAEN USB 3.0 to CONET adapter, USB-powered. CONET is the CAEN proprietary protocol for optical link, which is able to communicate with Digitzers and VME Controllers with direct connection or in daisy chain up to 8 boards simultaneously. The A4818 is compliant with the USB 3.1 Gen1 speed protocol and can be connected to any USB port of the PC running Windows 10 OS and higher or Linux (kernel 5.04 on). The optical link maximum transfer rate is 80 MB/s, which is shared within the boards connected in daisy chain. The A4818 is compliant with optical fibers 50/125 µs OM2 and OM3, as well as with older 62.5/125 µs OM1.

Technical Specifications


Compact aluminum box 84 x 41 x 20 mm

USB Interface

USB-C connector to the PC

Optical Interface

Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver component for optical connection

Transfer rate

80 MB/s from the optical link

Number of Boards/Link

Up to 8 boards in Daisy-chain

Number of Optical Links

1 optical link

Supported optical fibers

50/125 mm OM2 and OM3 (still compliant with 62.5/125 mm OM1)

Supported OS

Windows 10 (or higher) or Linux OS


Compliant with Windows and Linux OS

Operating Temperature


Power Requirements

5V from the USB connector

Power Consumptions



Compare with Controllers (ALL).



Optical Fiber Series

Ordering Options

Code Description
WA4818XAAAAA A4818 - USB 3.0 to CONET Adapter   RoHS